My Lady 🐢🀎

Hello beautiful people! Whats up? I hope you're good. The lady had been sick for a few days. Because it was a shy little dog, I thought the first minister made me timid. He then stopped feeding and vomited and we immediately took him to the vet. We were eating different foods because he did not eat that food, but he started choosing dishes and now he just wanted to eat chicken. The vet said he was sick because of this and that the diet was not enough gel.



He definitely said that no additional meals should be given to feed his own food, but the Lady is a very smart dog and knows my weakness very well! I give the chicken so that it will not stand up and go hungry because it does not eat its food. Being hungry makes me very sad. Oda does not eat because he knows this.



Today is the first day of the order and very unhappy! He makes eating red .. He got angry at me ☺️ We took him to the park so he could have some fun with his friend. He had a nice time with my friend. I hope you eat your food and pray for me ..

Stay with love!

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