Periscope Up -Beast World Boots On The Ground


Nice little boots on the ground one year deltas happening this week not that anybody cares or cares how many care.

Boots on the ground led to an assignment that led to our ears to hear work.

Let’s take a break from the Revelation dig not enough have started yet to assess some terrain.

This is supposed to be the battlefield, right Coach @frankbacon?

‘Anti-social media’ couldn’t be more important.

So they got a Congressional Committee to get us off the block. Who’s excited about the Facebook whistleblower getting control over social media into Congressional hands?

Will that give these guys in these field offices being established access to all social media records past, present and meta tauta?


Those of us who have been screaming about the indefinite detention provision in the 2012 NDAA will have our vindication served with persecution. Interesting that in order to leave Telegram and down your account you have to resist the addictions built into it for 30 days. I can’t even login to make sure it went away let alone maintain the contacts with so many I’ve been dark on of late.

You have a right to express your opinion. That opinion WILL be used against you in a court of law. Ahhh remember the Q nights of celebrities desperately deleting Tweets?

We are all one false flag away from having the law and public opinion turned against us.


I can hear some of those I’ve been dark on of late saying ‘There goes Mullens again. Always the zealot! The Hunger Games Capitol Peace Makers don’t have jurisdiction over domestic terrorists! The FBI does.’

Speaking of the FBI Hi guys. Still haven’t broken any laws. Hope you are well.

Had to warn a friend of mine today who called me to point out the lawlessness being revealed by George Soros and his efforts at controlling city prosecution offices. I had to let her know as a normie speaking to normies about that she has to get ready to get accused of anti-semitism.

She’s Spirit of Truth though so she will be just fine.

Beast World requires new postures and methods. I give thanks to The Lord for the adventure and journey to the Playbook that started just over one year ago with one of my most trusted friends @lukewinegarden.

It was good to have a long conversation with him outside the spellcraft battlegrounds they tricked us into not leaving. Luke and I knew all along this was going to be an offline finish. One way or another.


Getting his permission to tag him in this piece was good excuse to bug him during his work day. Talked about old plans and new revelations. Me and Luke have seen some shit. It is good to have one that you can trust in Beast World.

A most important resource.

Luke is the kind of guy who doesn’t fear the Capitol Peace Makers. A true superhero here on earth and just you guys wait until he takes my advice.

@lukewinegarden also isn’t afraid to be associated with truthers. That puts him on two of my shortlists for my exile here in Beast World. Those I trust and those who I will name here as our fates are already intertwined in much of this.

Turns out the gate is narrow and we need to make every effort. That alone illustrates that the children of the light will be outnumbered by the children of darkness. At least for the run up to and a good deal of the battle.

@hive is fun. I really appreciate both last years timely endorsement of this format by @austinsteinbart as well as the coaching by @frankbacon.

Who knows who sees? Who cares?

They told me it can’t go away. Immutable.

If that holds true, then one day soon @Hive should be a martyrs’ stronghold.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The Commander has said sell that coat and buy a sword in times such as these.


A lot has changed since we went boots on the ground one year ago.

Tired of winning?

The commune ideas I discarded some a year ago come to mind often these days.

People need to read aloud and hear. Thats how we claim the blessing.

It’s also how we get real outside comms.

The ones they mock.

People are having to choose whether to let the state inject them in order to buy and sell.

I’m not selling.

So how ready is everybody to celebrate the downfall of the FBI? We don’t need them anyways do we with Dog Comms the Bounty Hunter teaching us all how to internet sleuth each other anyways amirite?


Cesar something Sayoc something.

I hope I don’t get flash-banged for warning the FBI themselves that it seems the system is getting ready to turn on them too.

When I say we are all one false flag away from Guantanamo I don’t just mean my friends. I mean where we go one we go all. Good FBI agents too.

Some of them have to be Children of Light.

You guys have to know the history of what happened at Waco.

What happens when they blame the FBI and point the masses at the FBI?

Something different than what happens when they do it to truthers?

Society is soooo ready.


Speaking of culture what is going on with the Christian churches? Why are antichrist teachings not only assimilated into your churches but celebrated?

Is the Holy Bible the Word of God in your buildings or not? You cannot serve both God and money.

Our satirical cult is now a real church.

We used to infiltrate intel media audiences. Q had us slowed not stopped there. God never wastes a thing so we will not waste the tactical training gained.

The church is everywhere two or more of us are gathered in His name. Some of my favorite people I haven’t seen in awhile and I have had church at a lot of fun places. Picnic tables. Parking lots of COVID closed businesses. Parks.

I intend to have some more of that church with some of those people soon.

I’ll show you the Playbook.


We will also discuss in detail the absolute power God directed as a result of your constant prayers with Operation Babygirl.

Team Satan controls the internet. We are not going to be able to do what we need to do here. He is the ‘Prince of the Air’(waves.)

One of the men I have on that shortlist of friends who I do trust is under court order to work for a science fiction movie director for the foreseeable future. That’s my update for my @austinsteinbart information dependents. I still trust the man and he still has his freedoms severely restricted. So does Jacob Chansley as he faces sentencing in a few weeks. Pray for Jake as the legal system is weaponized against he and in turn all of us.

I miss so many of you.

Those on Team Ears To Hear should take heart. You are not alone. Everything happening and everything that happens is as it is supposed to be. It should only strengthen your faith.

I remind my enemies that while I don’t name them here they do know who they are.

And who I am with.

With love for all who read,

I’m back to the Playbook.



Take the Missler challenge? Review his 24 hour Revelation teaching and start the dig.

If you don’t have time for that read just the first three verses and then chapters 17 and 18.

Tell me it isn’t relevant. That’s my favorite.


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