Proposal work done for week 5 & 6 - Alpha available in Play Store 🥳

Presentation of work done


I'm super stoked for this update as a lot of things have happened both regarding the progress on the Haveyoubeenhere app but also on the business side of things, guess what, I'm moving to Georgia (the country) to set up the company there!

Another big announcement is that we now have a first version on the Android Play Store as a super-duper-early developers alpha. Do keep in mind that this is a test version and not a final product. There will be bugs and features missing, however there will be changes coming all the time. We'll try to roll-out a new update bi-weekly or faster, but we're also tied a bit by how fast Google can review the updates.

If you want to jump right in: the link for the app in the play store 🥳

For those of you who think this is not experimental enough, reach out to me and I'll hit you up with the latest APK version.


There is only one way for us to make the best travel social media app ever and that's by receiving and listening to feedback from all of you. Here is the list of features we're looking to get feedback on this time around. Please share your thoughts here in the comments or in our Discord.

  • The action of follow / unfollowing a user
  • The look and feel of "my feed" and "latest feed"
  • The process of creating a waypoint
  • The process of creating a post
  • The look and feel of a users profile
  • The process of liking and commenting on content

Bugs we are aware off

  • Profile stats don't update (fixed for next release already)
  • Options from vertical dot menu on a post don't work in a profile feed (work fine in latest and my feed)

New features

  • Profile + profile feed
  • Follow / unfollow users
  • Show feed with posts from users you follow
  • Search for users
  • Post to the Hive blockchain
  • Double tap post to like


  • Finished profile design
  • Finished search design

Front end

  • Finished double tap to like animation
  • Finished profile + profile feed
  • Finished user search
  • Finished performance improvements (preloading some skia animations)
  • Finished improving image loading speeds
  • Finished improving visual feedback after user performs an action all over the app
  • Finished posting to Hive
  • Finished increasing tap-area for smaller icon buttons
  • Finished showing likers of a post
  • Finished possibility to zoom on images in posts (pinch to zoom)
  • Working on migrating to Flutter 2.0

Back end

  • Finished route for deleting waypoint
  • Finished route to search for users
  • Finished route for deleting posts
  • Finished route for posting to Hive
  • Finished route to follow / unfollow user
  • Finished route to return likers of a post
  • Finished route to return feed of following
  • Finished route to get profile stats
  • Finished route to get profile feed

Structure and architecture

  • Latest API live on server
  • Changing some database fields / tables
  • Clean up of all test-data both in database and in s3 buckets

Quick info

The dapp dev proposal

Contact me / Stay in the loop


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