Proposal work done for week 3 & 4 - Haveyoubeenhere

Presentation of work done

Small correction
At the 48 second mark I meant to say "And now lets say I want to create a post with these two waypoints".

Help us test
If you want to help us test Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 or just want to check out the latest features, I will now include a download link to the current Android APK each time in this section. You can test the new features (see below) in each version and give us feedback (both on UI/UX and bugs you might encounter). We can only create the best social media app for travelers if we get feedback from you guys. Please keep in mind that this APK is purely for testing new features and all test content can and will be removed at some point. In short, just make test content, not content you want to see on the live version of Haveyoubeenhere 2.0. Once the app launches live, we will give testers early access!

Without further ado: download the Android apk for week 3 and 4

General info
Super excited to have @pateldhawal4 join the Haveyoubeenhere development team! 😁 You might have heard some buzz around an incredible podcasting dapp being build on Hive called Aureal, he is the lead dev behind the project.

New features

  • Creating posts
  • Show feed with the latest posts (big post redesign)
  • Comment on a post
  • Reply to a comment
  • Like / unlike a post, comment or reply


  • Finished design for post
  • Finished design for feed
  • Finished design for comments
  • Finished design for replies

Front end

  • Improved create post flow
  • Finished post feed (currently only latest)
  • Finished comments
  • Finished replies
  • Start work on supporting hashtags and mentions
  • Improve image loading speeds
  • Change to new test API endpoints
  • App clean up for first APK

Back end

  • Finished routes for like / unlike post
  • Finished route for getting comments
  • Finished route getting replies
  • Fixed bugs where incorrect data was being returned
  • Finished immediately returning content after creation (posts, comments, replies)

Structure and architecture

Quick info


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