Build build build time - week 1 & 2

Presentation of work done

Structure and architecture

  • Finished project architecture for back-end (NodeJS / Express / RDS on AWS)
  • Finished project architecture for front-end (Flutter / Dart / Bloc)
  • Finished setting up work-flow for Haveyoubeenhere


  • Finished designs for Haveyoubeenhere create waypoint functionality
  • Finished designs for Haveyoubeenhere create post functionality
  • Finished designs for Haveyoubeenhere create trip functionality
  • Started design for Hivewallet
  • Started design for Lettucemeat

Front end

  • Finished front-end for create waypoint functionality
  • Finished front-end for create post functionality
  • Started work on Lettucemeat front-end

Back end

  • Finished routes for create waypoint functionality
  • Started on routes for create post functionality
  • Finished setting up s3 for media storage
  • Finished on the fly image resizing using lambda and sharp library with CDN

Demo time! 😁

Everything you see in this demo is live and ready to be shipped.


Obviously I've put in way more than 25 hours per week (which is my official commitment) and I plan on doing so for the upcoming weeks as I absolutely love working on these projects and creating these for everyone to enjoy. As always if you have some questions, hit me up! 😁

On that note I'll also be going live on MSPwaves with the lovely @crimsonclad this Saturday, the 20th of February at 7 p.m. UTC.

You can listen in on:

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