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Hi, I'm Kicky and today I'd like to show you all the information I've managed to, gather while playing Splinterlands. In this walkthrough, I will show you how to get a silver division in a day without consuming a lot of DEC (Dark Energy Crystal).

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a pay2play and play2earn game, this means that to play we have to pay, fortunately only a one-time amount of 10$. The exception is the game without play2earn mode, then we do not have to pay to play. The game itself is a card game built on blockchain technology. In many tutorials, people compare this game to Hearthstone, but in my opinion, it is more similar to autobattlers such as Team Fight Tactics, because we may collect cards, but we put them out and then they fight themselves (depending on our setting of course).

How to play the game?

To play the most important thing, of course, will be a computer/phone and internet connection. The next thing will be to create a Hive account (for me the best way) or connect the account with a virtual wallet.

We can choose between the following wallets:

  • Metamask
  • Wax
  • Wombat
  • Venly

Now, all we need to do is buy Summoner's Spellbook and we can start our money making.


Game basics


The first thing to mention is that there are six different elements, the three most common in card games are Fire, Water, Earth, and the three less common Life, Death, Dragons. Each element has its own cards that have different abilities and statistics. The important thing is that you cannot mix cards between the different elements, but there are also neutral cards that anyone can use.


Types of cards

The basis of the game is knowing that there are two types of cards in Splinterlands: Summoner and Monster. When you start the game you always have to choose a Summoner (you can only choose one) and then a Monster (you can choose up to six cards).

In the game itself, we have 47 Summoners and each of them has a different skill! For example, one of my favorite cards is Alric Stormbringer, which adds +1 to magic attacks.

In addition, there are various card rairtis in the game as well as their gold counterparts (more on that later):

  • common (grey)
  • rare (blue)
  • epic (purple)
  • legendary (gold)


Stats and abilities of the cards

As I mentioned earlier, each card has different statistics such as:

  • Mana cost - this is a very important element, cards are drawn at random in each game to determine the amount of mana we can spend to compose a team
  • Damage - amount of attack points, it is very important that there are different types of attacks
    • Melee - attacks only from first position
    • Ranged - attacks from positions 2 to 6
    • Magic - attacks from all positions and ignoring aroma
  • Armor - amount of defense points (only applies to melee and archer attacks)
  • Speed - determines when our card will attack (the faster the faster)
  • Health - amount of health points
  • Level - this is something I discovered for the first time in this game, each card along with the level receives additional statistics and skills

Most of the cards have different skills, they appear at the bottom of the cards. They are all described at https://splinterlands.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Ability

Game time!


Well, let's now move on to our first game, for this, we select the Ranked game (other modes will not bring us money). At this point, we will start searching for an opponent and when we find one, a popup will appear.

It is important to note that at the very beginning of the game there are no rules, but as you gain points various diversifications will come to you.

Another thing you will be most interested in at the beginning is the mana cap. Depending on its value you will be able to choose different numbers of cards.


Creating a team

After clicking on the "Maker Team" button you have less than three minutes to create your team.

  1. First you select a summoner. Depending on what you like, you can choose either a burst deck or a control deck.


  2. Next you choose monsters, it is important that we cannot exceed the mana cap. The last thing is the card strategy, it is very important, in my opinion, it is best to choose one mele tank, then attacking cards and at the end another card with more health. Of course, it all depends on the game and sometimes it is better to have many smaller cards than one big card and sometimes the other way around.


Once you have created your team and are happy with it press the "Battle" button, at this point you will be moved to the waiting room for your opponent, if he does not make it before the end of time you win by default, if you make your teams together a match will start.


It's time for the real fight, at this point you press the "Rumble!" button and the fight between the cards begins. I find the fights in normal mode to be very slow, but fortunately, you can speed them up, and if you want to keep the time you can skip them.

Free wins for silver

My advice to you will not be as many people say buy Mylor Crowling and fly ahead because I think this card is much worse and more expensive than the water monster which is Venari Wavesmith.


You don't need any tactics at all for this card, you just rent it for 1/2 DEC per day and then win all battles against starting players and bots. Of course, when you get to silver you will start to do some combos, but it's not so bad at the beginning. Besides this card, you can also rent Creeping Ooze his ability to slow down more than once saved my skin. This card costs 0.1 per rental, which is practically nothing!


From the moment you get silver it's worth buying new cards, but here you will pay a little bit, I recommend Captain's Ghost, Torhilo The Frozen and Djinn Oshannus. These cards should be enough for you to be able to defeat your opponents with a decent winratio.

Djinn-Oshannus Torhilo-the-Frozen Captain's-Ghost

If you can't afford the above cards, Torhilo will suffice. This is one of the best cards in silver because he will encounter a full mage during the game, and he counter them amazingly.

I honestly think that in order to have a decent win ratio everyone should stock up on both Mylor and a water deck. This will allow you to play under the rules, which can often surprise you. For example, if we see that only close combat cards can be used we immediately choose Mylor, whereas if we can only fight with low mana cards Mages are the answer for us.

In my opinion, one of the best tutorials for Mylor was recorded on Kuyang channel.

What are you really fighting for?

This seems like a rhetorical question, but you can get two main things for playing ranked games:

  1. DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) - This is the in-game currency you can use to buy or rent cards. Of course, if you are just starting you will not be able to buy cards with the DEC you earn because it will be negligible.
  2. Daily rewards - these are crates that you can open after completing a daily mission, for example, win five games with fire cards. Here everything depends on luck, but it is mainly from the crates that we can earn some money in the beginning. A very important piece of information is that you must achieve the rank of silver as soon as possible, because in Bronze the credits fall out, which are still from the ancient times of this game and are worth practically nothing! Also, as your rank increases, you have a better chance of getting a card, which is most important for you.

Don't overplay

One very interesting thing is that with every battle you play, your ECR (Energy Capture Rate) decreases. The value by which your ECR decreases is 1% of your current % ECR, so even if you tried to get down to 0% I'm sure you wouldn't be able to. You are probably wondering why this was created, there is a very easy answer for that: "BOTS". My tactic for making the game profitable is simply to always keep an eye on ECR not to reach the lower limit of 70/80% and upper 100%. It's rather easy because with this way of playing you can play over 30 games a day.


How to deal with Power

In my opinion, the biggest problem for players who start the game is not that it is difficult to play or the game is very complicated (of course, later it gets very complicated), but the rental of cards for the Power, which is needed to play in higher divisions.

My method for finding high CP cards with low cost is:

  1. Going to https://peakmonsters.com/rentals and choose to filter by gold and epic cards.
  2. Set sorting by lowest DEC.

Then the hardest job is to refresh the page as quickly as possible until you find the card you are interested in, sometimes it is even better to enter the name on the game page itself and refresh the page there, I do not know why but I find the card there more often.

Another way, and in my opinion a much better way is to enter the various discord groups and there looking for people who want to lend us a card, our game community is so nice that often despite the fact that someone loses it wants to help the original player.

My ways to earn

Many people may be surprised but in Splinterlands you don't just earn money by playing but there are also many different ways to earn money:

  1. Writing posts like this one - actually for each post we get sometimes less and sometimes more money which we can then exchange for DEC or SPS. A very important thing is to take part in Cotagon challenges from Splintertalk or 1UP for example for the best drawing or for sharing your post on social media, really easy money.

  2. Watching streams on twitch - one of my favorite ways. Almost every person showing how to play does a lot of giveaways, I for example once got 10SPS from Wheel of Fortune.

  3. Getting free cards or 50DEC for entering discord channels: https://discord.gg/EjVTEHam

  4. Adding friends - of course, this is in jest, we just get 500 credits for getting a friend.

    And that's all, thank you very much for reading my guide for new players, I hope you enjoyed it!


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