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I've been waiting for so long to publish this and I thought it would be special that I post this on my 2nd month here on Hive which is on September 17 but I decided to post it a bit early since school seems to be keeping me very busy these days.

This “episode” of Set yourself free is special and I’m very proud of myself for being able to do this. Everyone in my family knows that I’ve always been the shy type and the camera shy. This is the first in a very long time that I've actually shared a picture of myself and feeling confident of it. I’m not the one to post anything about myself such as pictures of me or anything about me but being here on Hive has allowed me to do that. I’ve always been so insecure of myself, of so many things about me. This series that I’m starting is supposed to be for those who have been struggling for so long trying to get out of their shells, like me. And I really hope that I'll be able to at least be a bit of help to you guys.

I want to quote Teasi Cannon from her book "My Big Bottom Blessing" by saying that, There are as many different definitions of beauty as there are locations on the map. There are so many human definitions of what is beautiful that one could go crazy trying to figure out which one is best. That's why we need to look at the one true definition: God's definition.

God may have created external beauty, yet the most beautiful thing for him is a heart that is fully submitted to Him. There may be a time that you've forgotten that there's nothing wrong with being different, that it's okay to not fit in the world's definition of beauty. I want to remind you that you're beautiful. In God's eyes and in my eyes. Don't get carried away by the world, don't let them convince you of what you should be.


When we look back at the days of creation everything God has made was beautiful. But you know what his crowning achievement was? Eve. She was the last finishing touch, and after God made Eve, He said she was good. We were created to bring life into the world.


The wisdom that God has given me is beyond stupendous. The way he's slowly changing my heart is what I'm so grateful for. I know for a fact that I've gone through things in life and if it weren't for Him I wouldn't have managed to get through all those storms in life. He has set me free.
That's just what He does. The truth really does set us free. And guess what? The truth came here for us nearly 2000 years ago. How do I know that he's the truth? Well, he said it himself.

selflove2 (1).png

He walked the earth for 36 long years and dedicated his life to sharing his Father's word. He was and is the living sacrifice. He's the lamb who took away the sins of the world. Now that's the kind of love we all need especially in these times of uncertainty and sorrow.

I want to share a little something that has deeply touched my heart in the book that I've recently read titled "My Big Bottom Blessing" It's a conversation between the author and God from a chapter in the book called "Unfinished Business". And what God says is absolutely just so beautiful. He says this,


Beautiful right? How God tells us this: We must also love ourselves.
God himself tells us that we're beautiful who else is going to convince us the other way around?


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