The 23 Legends - Splinterlands Art Contest Week 156

Greetings Hivers!

This is my entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest Week 156. I decided to create a picture collage of all the legendary monsters of Untamed Packs and Azmare Dice expansion cards. I don't know how to use photoshop or any editing software, but creativity doesn't stop me there. I used Microsoft Office Powerpoint to create this piece of art.

About the Artwork

The concept of this artwork is to depict a photograph showing how strong and glorious a Legendary monster can be in battling enemies in #Splinterlands. The colors of The 23 Legends are spread evenly which depicts the variety of abilities these legendary monsters have. The 23 Legendary monsters of the Untamed and Azmare Dice expansion card sets have strong abilities which are very useful in battles especially when paired with proper summoners. Win rates with these monsters are unquestionably high bringing you fame and glory in climbing up the ranks.

I hope you would enjoy this picture like how you enjoy the game. Can you spot the 23 legends?

⚔️ THE 23 LEGENDS ⚔️

23 Legends.jpg

A picture collage depicting the 23 Legendary Monsters of Untamed Packs and Azmare Dice showing how glorious and great they are.

The Artwork Procedure

Here are the steps on how did I ended up with this piece:

1.) I collected all the pictures.

2.) I sorted them one by one and scaled them on a much realistic size.


3.) Then I place them one by one according to my preference and color taste.


4.) I added the logo then a nice background and this is the end result.


Here's a gif of the 23 Legends picture collage. Enjoy!

23 Legends.gif

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to support my work, please leave an upvote and if you have tips and suggestions, it would be an honor to learn from you.

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Have a nice day! Stay safe and sound! ❤️

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