Returning Back after 4 years leave

jailed (1).jpg
Having being Jailed by LinkedIn for third time in a row within a year I decided enough is enough. Whatever you post there runs the risk of not being like or flag 🚩 either by the Algorithm or by People.

Posting at LinkedIn has become kind of very sensitive to the sentiment algorithm & people so I decided to explore new alternatives for posting.

I didn't want to go to the complexity of running my own website. So I went back to take a look at and I was for a big surprise 😲.

As I look for @dragosroua I read 📖 his last post there where his was moving to which I didn't know existed as I run away from as the war started.

Happy 😊 to have found It will be my new home 🏡. Although I will have to retrain myself from scratch.

Image source by Pixabay


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