A new beginning: My Story, My Appreciation

The past months have been a rollercoaster of events for me. Many bad occurrences with a mix of good things. A lot really happened to me that kept me away online ranging from sickness, having to sell off my laptop, phone and even took loans from people in order to survive amongst others. Some of which I'll talk about here.

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I want to use this opportunity to thank God and my online family who I've never met physically but rendered help more than I can ever imagine. Starting from @sargoon who was there from the very beginning. This wonderful man lent me money without so much ado when my sickness was at his peak and I could practically do nothing to earn or keep up. I am still owing him but he kept on encouraging me and supporting me till this very moment. I am forever indebted and highly grateful. I pray that you'll never lack.

Another wonderful superhuman who never knew me from Adam but has always been adding to my life positively is @Scipio. I am grateful for the words if wisdom every time, May God never cease to bless you.

To my wonderful bank and community head @neoxian (Mr Dragon), I say a very big thank you for your support. To my brother @udezee, only God can reward you. To the whole neoxian community I'm really grateful.

You all saved my my and handed over to me a new page and fresh start. A gesture I will forever be grateful.

Although I'm yet to be fully back on my feet, I have hope more than ever that things is going to get only better and improve with time.

Looking forward to be more active here once again and hoping the sky is just the starting point.

Thank you all.... Obrigado

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