RE: How to create a Tribe and what goes into it. A guide for the curious.

Is a security the same as a share as seen in the stock market? Better question than that would be is Steem Power (SP) or Hive Power (HP) considered to be like a security or a share or a stake?

I'm asking because I've heard people make comparisons between these terms before and I've especially heard the term "Stake" used to describe SP and HP.

And I've always thought that stake was similar to securities and shares. I know just because something is similar does not mean they're the same thing.

But it just makes me wonder as we have HP in our wallet, as the HBD and liquid Hive coins increase in value, that then increases the HP value and the overall value of your wallet.

That to me parallels how when Disney increases in value, your individual share increases in value as well. So, is a stock market share or security just slightly different than liquid Hive, HBD, and especially HP?

I may be considering making my own tokens and tribes someday. I feel like I have a lot of research I need to do. I probably wouldn't want to make a coin that was like a security.

But I just want to make sure I know how to distinguish between what might be a security and whichever things are currently not considered securities according to current laws in America.

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