Hive Watchers Thinks I'm Spam

Click here to see what @hivewatchers think of me. They think that I cannot say hello to people in a potentially repetitive fashion. All of that is subjective because it is hard to draw the line between how repetitive a post should be or should not be. It is the same reason why copyright is dangerous.

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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@hivewatcher or I mean @hivewatchers wrote: "Spamming comments is frowned upon by the community. Continued comment spamming may result in the account being Blacklisted." I replied: "I cannot say hello to people?" So, it appears that people are going after me again because they do not like how friendly I am. I have more to say on this as I've been battling people for many years now. At least once a year, this happens.

I am not spam. The problem is that I write to too many people. So, repetition happens when a word is repeated. But how many words have you accidentally said again and again without knowing it? Are you not guilty of unintentionally repeating yourself 100% or 99% or 50% or 1% or 33% or where do you draw the line and how often do you draw a line? That's the thing about subjectivity and other things as well. I can talk all day about what Disney did. I hope you are not trying to do to me what Walt Disney did to his partner. There is a lot of history involved in what may or may not be spam or not spam. I can write books about it and still be accused of being spam. So, you can call me spam and pretend as if you don't do it yourself. That's reflection deflection. I will be saying more on this in the future. I've been writing about these things for years. I wrote a new article about this a second ago and mentioned @hivewatchers and I will continue to write about it in the future. I've been placed falsely on Steem blacklists each year basically it happens, 2017, 2018, 2019, and potentially it might happen again in 2020 thanks to people like you. Every year or every few months I run into this same issue and my strategy has been to simply write a bunch of articles and go around the Internet telling people what happened and I have been taken off the blacklists for alleged spam. I am not spam but people call me spam just like Hillary Clinton called half of American citizens, like over one hundred million people, deplorables, sexist, racist, Nazis, etc. So, calling somebody spam is just as bad in some ways. Now, of course, it is possible that I might be spam. But I am not. I will be writing more posts about this and other related things in the future as I am a writer and this is what I do. I write thousands and thousands of comments and too many articles to count. And bots copy and paste their messages and you are not going after them. I have real messages and comments and posts that can sometimes be repetitive to a degree, to an extent, and you choose to go after me and not the bots. That's selective enforcement which is what Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, does, which makes you no better than them. You could choose to downvote my posts and comments. If you do, then I will write about you on other websites and talk in code and go black market kind of thing like underground to continue to let people know know that people are harassing me and falsely accusing me of things that I am NOT doing, etc, etc, etc, etc, and much more, to be continued. PS, I upvoted and reblogged or shared or resteemed or rehived this post of yours. I gave you an upvote. Please do not flag me. Please do not downvote me. I am not going to flag or downvote you.

Sadly, @hivewatchers thinks I am spam and is going after me. I just wrote an article about it. This happens to me almost yearly since 2017, people put me on blacklists on Steem a few times or many times and it may happen again very soon.

To be continued.

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