Is Hive Blog the new platform to be on?

I joined Steemit in July 2016 and was very excited about the concept and the potential of the platform. I arranged a few Steemit Saturday events which were very successful and made some great friends.

Image Credit to @lukestokes

I haven't written a blog post for more than two years as at the time I was very disappointed with the direction which Steemit moved at that point in time. I therefor left the crypto sphere and was not really involved in Crypto for the two years if not more.

When I woke up this morning and started reading a few of the older posts on the Steemit and to put it lightly I realised that everything changed in the Crypto Social Media blogging world.

I found the following by Luke Stokes which gave a detailed rundown on the history of how Hive was born as a result of a lot issues on the Steemit platform:
How Steem became Hive
Thanks so much to Luke for detailing the events.

A few questions from my side:

  1. Is Hive the new place where all the old guys migrated to?
  2. What is the difference between Hive and Peakd?
  3. Are there more platforms like Hive and Peakd?
  4. What is the suggested platform where most of the old Steemit users are writing
  5. How does communities work and which communities are the best to join?

I really want to start blogging again and make some new friends as I always did. Hope to hear from you all that is still blogging away.

I see a lot of the old Steemit Witnesses are now on Hive: @roelandp, @smooth, @pharesim, @riverhead, @ausitbank, @blocktrades. Hi to all you guys and apologies if I missed anyone out. Please give some comments on your experience with Hive. Is this the place to be? Is @donkeypong still around?

I want to invite all the great friends I made during my time writing on the Steemit platform. Please say hi or leave a comment below.