Hive Graphics For The Community!

While working on a draft for another post, I thought it might be nice to have a sort of border between sections. The line created in markdown code with three asterisks just doesn't have the visual punch I want.

See? Not much to it, at least in this browser and frontend. So I dabbled in my obsolete laptop's graphics editing software and made something using the branding assets and colors. I even seem to have succeeded in maintaining transparency! Consider these three images open source, since that is how @roelandp is treating the logo according to his recent post.. Use, modify, or mock as you see fit. I know that I am no graphic designer, I do not know my way around mtPaint, and I am terrible at thinking up good file names after midnight when artistic inspiration strikes.

Hive Divider Bar Text.png

Nonetheless, that has some of the visual punch I wanted! This image is 512x32. I also made one without the Hive text, in case something more subtle is desired:

Hive Divider Bar.png

And last, I made one with a smaller icon and a simple line design for a much more modest splash of color at just 128x16 pixels.

Hive Divider Bar Centered.png

Remember, give some thanks to @roelandp for the original logo work. I dig it, and I hope my meagre efforts built on his foundation are worthwhile to some of you!

If you wish to use these, you can save these images to your device with a file name that works for you, or just copy/paste the clumsy markdown text I generated into your post on its own line.

Hive Text

<center>![Hive Divider Bar Text.png](</center>

No Text

<center>![Hive Divider Bar.png](</center>

Small Center Logo

<center>![Hive Divider Bar Centered.png](</center>


You're also welcome to make these images into an old-school forum signature bar by adding your choice of text in your preferred image editor. I tried to emulate the Hive and PeakD fonts, but you are under no such obligation.

Hive Signature Bar.png

PeakD Signature Bar.png

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