Possibly the BEST - WORST Mistake I've EVER Made? ~ #boughtmorehive

Loving this price action today! Went to go buy some more and double clicked 50% of my BTC available, so essentially 100% of my BTC and the order filled in a nano-second. LOL!


It literally started dropping right after that! I'm just laughing at myself like..."dude, you just fucked up."

But on the other hand I'm like..."dude, you just bought a ton of HIVE".

Oh man, I don't know what to think right now. I'm obviously more bullish about Hive than I am any other project besides maybe BTC, but I didn't mean to buy THAT much, at THAT price.

Oh well, we'll see how this plays out.

Will it come back to bite me?

Or did I just luck myself into a big winner???

hive banner.jpeg

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