"Funding Proposal" Growing the Bulgarian Hive network

Hey, Hivers!

I've been working very hard to spread awareness around Bulgaria about Hive blockchain.
To show people all the goods and services we can use Hive for.

The main idea that is behind me is the freedom of speech we have here.
Also, I'm trying to show, and explain to people what we earn crypto/assets from our exposure on the chain, which is 10000000 times more value of any stocks or gold you can have because you and only you are the owners of your assets.

I've grown the community Bulgaria up to 112 people by the time I'm writing this article, I and my friends are kept on bringing new people almost every day.
Also, I have some of my real-life friends that are seeing the potential already and helping me as well.

Bringing new Bulgarian investors to Hive.

I've also managed to bring some good investments to Hive so far.
My friends who bought:
@koychev22 with 14,429 HP
@borivan with 23,000 HP
@pavlevskifamily with 7400 HP
@ississ89 with 5380 HP
@iliyan90 myself - 2400 HP
@roflie with 1750 HP

And I'm gonna keep them coming because I know where the real value of #Hive is > above the $300 mark!
All we need is a mass adaption of people coming into the chain.

As I was going over that with @taskmaster4450le within the comment section of This video// Crypto Salad. Guest Starring TheyCallMeDan

Big names in the Bulgarian Network

I've also shown Hive and tried to explain to them, and I keep on teaching them one on one.

Some of them are:


With more than 435k Instagram following group , and 88k YouTube followers.

That is a very famous Bulgarian rapper, with his number 1 video on YouTube of 48mil views
I'm gonna show him the full potential that Hive has by showing him how to use @threespeak very soon.

And a few of the people that we together in a Bulgarian reality show for 3 months at the last summer of 2020(me for 10 days)

Most of them gained many social media followers that we can teach over time how to use Hive, once I have the main people using it daily with a full understanding

(Note that for many people is very confusing to use the internet in general!)

@angeltenev31 / Insagram Followers 21k

@kustev.chef / Insagram Followers 29k

@bobi.stefanov / Insagram Followers 2k

@happy.van4e / Insagram Followers 51k

@mmanolev33 / Insagram Followers 11.6k

@mika80 / Insagram Followers 18k

And I'm still teaching them how to start using the Hive blockchain, it may take some time, for the majority of people looks very complicated when they start.

I'm also trying to onboard my American friends.

Mostly my friend @planettammie / Instagram Followers 265k

@planettammie is a very famous Drag Queen in the USA, and one of my best/top Yoga Students!

What I've done so far...

I've created many videos and blogs to explain to people how everything works, but still, the best way to do it is peer-to-peer.

All the steps to join Hive

I've been working a lot into teaching people how to use a few of the @dapps we hive-like.

I also report a lot of issues to @good-karma @ecency that have been reported to me from the Bulgarian community.

As of now, I think some of the users on #hive have noticed my work so far.
I will appreciate your support on this:
@theycallmedan @threespeak @ecency @good-karma @tarazkp @acidyo @eddiespino
@brittandjosie @nathanmars @starkerz

I would like to start this proposal for 43 days by the end of March 31

Then I'm gonna make the update on my work.

That way the community can decide if my work is worth it.

Delegation appreciated as well!

Any power delegation will be highly appreciated and spread/shared around the community!

Not used for self-votes!

Thanks to all Hivers!!!


How I'm gonna use the HBD...

Power-up by the time is in my account...


How to vote...

If you find it good enough...

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