Hive developer meeting #12

Subjects touched upon:

  • Dev sync
  • hivemind status
  • Documentation
  • Hard fork 25 direction
  • Initial smart contract thoughts

meeting tl;dr:

The beginning is a lot of tech talk from @blocktrades and I. We mostly talk about what we've been up to. Regarding documentation, I'll make a post to outline my vision for it regarding a potential structure for it.

Regarding hivemind, I know @imwatsi was interested in contributing, we touch upon that a bit, basically hivemind needs more tests. So this is a great way to get involved.

Regarding hard fork 25 and its direction we agreed that it should still be "small" (code wise) changes like governance / economy and rc delegations.

And then we dwell on how he envisions smart contracts as a layer 2 engine running on hive and how that would affect SMTs