Honeysaver Funds Making its Way

One of the things that many people who are using Hive do is to let their rewards sitting idly in their Hive wallets. It is common to see active members who have HIVE or HIVE Dollars on their accounts but those assets are not being used to generate more assets. For some, it may be for liquidity purposes - they are just holding onto those assets in case they will need it for emergency purposes, but for many, they just did not have the time and/or knowhow of further using those assets across the cryptocurrency realm in order to earn more.


The Hive blockchain offers diverse ways of generating more assets aside from the usual "blogging for rewards" method. Users can delegate their Hive Power for decent returns (depending on the amount delegated). Others conduct trading tokens in Hive-Engine while some just buy tokens which are performing very well in terms of function and its being a store of value. Having said these, there are plenty of users who are missing out these great opportunities to maximize their earnings by re-investing their current earnings.

This is where Honeysaver Funds came into being. It is established between a group of friends using Hive to pool their Hive resources one small amount at a time and purchase Hive-Engine tokens and other cryptocurrencies as investments. It is not open to the public yet but if the returns are deemed profitable and sustainable at the same time, it may consider accepting other users of the Hive blockchain. It can though, be useful for other users to track (its activities) and learn from them - what to do and what not to do. A weekly report will be published to let its members know where the Hive funds are invested.

That's all for now folks and we hope that all of us will learn as we journey together in making the most of our Hive experience.

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