The @Homeless-city project -- Update 1 --

See how we grow - the @homeless-city project

This project is running on the new gamification called dCITY and we can't believe what happened the last 2 weeks


A few weeks ago, driven just form the idea that someone has to create a virtual home for all the homeless cards from the new game dCITY, this account was started by @detlev on the blockchain.



Look at this city... We have now 322 in population and we earn 166 SIM per day.

Many people where sending some cars like factories, Cinema, Gym, Restaurant and Airport. Even a Steem Sign (hopefully soon HIVE Sign) got donated people. We work on a list to honor all this people, but found some issues with it. If you was sending one of this cards, please comment to verify our list.


This is unbelievable!

Our bookkeeping

Today we started with a file to keep track of all the stuff. The idea is, to move all the HIVE with 50% into HBD and whenever there is an amount of 100USD in value, we do the first donation.

If someone is good with adding bittrex coin values to Excel, I love to get some support on this. We like to get a bit of double check or control on that numbers

From the blockchain to the people

A plan is born!

As a great community here on #hive we will to grow the account to get some funds to donate this to the following groups

(1) Institute of Global Homelessness as they provides homes for families in need



This is actual a small initiative, but it is the start and the #HIVE can do it.

Hive shape.png

Whenever there is 100 USD we will issue the first transaction and as we are on the blockchain, everything is transparent for everybody.

If you have any idea, feel free to help or let us know.

The @Homeless-city statement

50% of our income
goes to HELP!
The other 50% into
building the city
to earn more
to help even more!

At the moment, this account is managed be @detlev

The @homeless-city is available on dCITY

We are the
and we care!


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