Feature Update: VIP Tickets - Onboard your friends the easy way

Dear HIVE Community,
@roomservice here and over the last few weeks I got a few request from people who already use hiveonboard.com referring family and friends to the platform but sometimes run into problems with our security measures like IP blocking or the requirement of phone verification.

This was the reason why I added another feature to @hiveonboard which will be covered in this post.

Sample VIP Ticket

Introducing VIP Tickets

Let's face it - any form verification to prevent abuse sucks from a user experience perspective.

Just imagine you want to invite a very important person, let's say an influencer. In this case you really have to make sure, this user will have the best, easiest and fasted on-boarding mechanic out there.

This would be the perfect use-case for a VIP Ticket!

You could simply send a link like this
to that person and ask him to create an account from there.

Each VIP Ticket code is unique and is only valid for one account creation - therefore never publish an URL with a ticket code in public or send it to more than one person.

VIP Tickets allow user to skip the phone verification because we assume this person is trusted!

If the VIP Ticket is valid and has not been used before, it'll be shown to the user.


How does it work?

  1. Request a VIP Ticket
    Right now, you can request one or more VIP Tickets on Hive Marketing Discord.
    Please leave a message in the #hiveonboard channel and I'll take care of it.

  2. Send the VIP Ticket to a friend
    The easiest way will be to send your referral link including the VIP Ticket to your friend like this:
    As you can see, you only have to add &ticket=... with your VIP Ticket code into the URL.

  3. Friend creates his/her HIVE account
    If the VIP Ticket is valid, it allows to skip phone verification and IP blocking for this specific user.

Plans for the future

Requesting those VIP Tickets on Discord will only be a temporary solution.

On the road-map you'll be able to login into your HIVE account on hiveonboard.com and create VIP Tickets from the web-interface in a fully automated way. From there, the VIP Ticket could easily copied or even printed with an QR code which includes it. So you could print a few and share it the next time you go out.

I'am trying to figure out how to prevent abuse, so if you have any ideas - please leave a comment.


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