Celebrating one powerful year of Hive


Today marks the one year anniversary of Hive as its own blockchain. It's been a long and hard road and if I was ever proud of anything I've worked on, then this would be it.

Contributing to the organizing that lead up to the creation of Hive, working on it every step of the way, keeping up the work now even as we go into the mundane day to day activities -- it's been an interesting year for me.

Hope you liked the Twitter campaign leading up to our anniversary with the countdown and questions. That's something that came up right on the spur of the moment. (Thanks to @acidyo for blasting it out on Reddit in parallel and @enginewitty for throwing me a good idea for the finale.)

To attempt this challenge myself, I'd say that the Hive one year anniversary means the celebration of a lot of hard work. We created a major blockchain and ecosystem that has no centralized leading corporate entity, no one person in charge, where duties by those contributing to the core needs of it are distributed, where everyone collaborates and has respect for one another (even if they disagree at times). There are no more barriers to entry that plagued Hive's predecessor and all that toxicity that came with them. We've built the roots to something great, public, and open. And I say "roots" because we're not even close to being done.

Hive is a work in progress and will be for years to come. Hive is always evolving, there is constant improvement, and anyone can put in their ideas and action them towards ends not yet reached by any known technologies. The limits of technological capabilities is just our imagination. With Hive giving equal opportunities to people in all walks of life, from any country in the world, of any age, of any background and education, of any focus, and so on, we are positioned to push the boundaries of technology in a way no one else is. Much like the first people to cross the land bridge or traverse the ocean, Hive is breaking through the boulders obstructing its path and discovering realities unknown.

This isn't lip service. I believe everything written here because it is the truth. It is optimistic and each of us has come up to a boulder that seems immobile and impenetrable but we get through.

Today we had an article published on The Capital platform. You can read it here: https://thecapital.io/article/sponsored/project-rundown-interview-withhiveio-MWDpP0o23Tmf0z3JQzq It is an interview with Hive as a whole, not with any one person. Numerous people contributed to its creation (otherwise we would've ended up with writing that sounded like "a developer fucked a thesaurus"). I'd like to thank @theycallmedan, @fredrikaa, @blocktrades, @mahdiyari, @donchate, @crimsonclad, @pharesim, @starkerz and @aggroed for writing, approving, contributing, etc and Stefan from TheCapital team for working with me at 4am. Through working together as partners, not competitors, we can make articles like this happen.

Without saying too much or too little, just wanted to reiterate how proud I am of what we've all accomplished on Hive.

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