Hivesigner released and ready!

What a day, hardfork, witness server upgrades, hivesigner (steemconnect) migration to Hive.



It works quite same way as steemconnect, except on Hive and uses hivesigner account as primary registry.

We have managed to fix numerious bugs with peakd and 3speak team. Our own team also did some tests while integrating in esteem. So far, we think we are ready!

Multiple libraries got updated, all repositories moved in one location:
Submitted Chrome extension for review, fixing couple issues with desktop application, we will announce once they become available to use.

We have also released hive-uri package that supports hive://

Migrate your apps to Hive with hivesigner.

It is simple:

  1. Authorize hivesigner and revoke steemconnect.
  2. Update app profile with latest relevant information.

That's it!

Let us know if you find any other issues, we will be monitoring for unexpected bugs to fix them asap. As services and full nodes stabilize on network in coming days, we will be continuing to provide support and help dapps migrate.


Hive on!