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Accepting The Reality

Reality is based on the things that are true, And the things that are going on someone's life. It's merely based on the things that are connected with some external factors.

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We all must accept the reality because when we run from it our life messed up. LIke we always do trying to make some escape in our reality. Escapes are wasting the time, drinking alchohol, smoking these things are the external factor that is taking you away from the reality.

Everythingn we want to make better is only can possible when we focus on our reality, understanding the current sitution and be okay with it because you know when you focus on 'now', your life gets better.
We breath we live, and we die. The only thing happens best in our time is when we know and feel we all are present in only 'now' nor in future nor in past, present is always the source of truth and to Reality.

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