✨🎆🎈 Four Years' Celebration 🎉✨🎇

On 9/11 2016, four years ago, I created an account on a lesser known blockchain project that was then called Steem.

Little did I know that it would lead to me spending four years creating content for it, and starting not one, but two one-year-long photography projects there, and even make a trip to Thailand because of it.

(The photos in this posts are actual links to posts.)

My first post was written on the next day, the 12th September:

Looks promising.

Going to post things here. Need to figure the system out first.

Here's a photo of mine:

I also like board games like Go (weiqi). I play on DGS and OGS and I run a Go club in my town. Also write a blog about Go. It's been on a hiatus for a while, but I suppose I could start writing again.

See ya!

My Go blog still seems to be on a hiatus, but while that was true, I actually managed to keep writing and adding content on to the blockchain.

My next post had was basically a postcard photo of a certain project I tried to start, but lost interest to, because it might have become quite lengthy, and possibly expensive to keep on doing.

My little photo project: Koukkupommi.

The project was to document a little known creek Koukkupommi ("Hook bomb") that would later turn into a major river Porvoonjoki.

I might get back to that project once I get sufficient financial incentive to continue it...



Just a duck

On September 15th, I made my first introduction post:

Hi! I'm Jaro and this is my introductory verification post!

One of my first posts was a bit scarier photograph:

Sometimes, there's creepy stuff out there.

In the beginning, I also tried posting some Go games I had streamed on Twitch, but I recall they didn't get too much traction. Maybe there were not enough Go players on Steem at that time.

Gonna see this old fellow again tomorrow...



I also made a Youtube video explaining how to retouch backlit photos:

At first I didn't get very many views, and my rewards were pretty much nonexistent. It didn't really matter much. It was quite fun to create stuff and be anxious over the chance of a stray wild whale noticing.

I should not have checked the Hot or Trending posts, though.

Some poetry:

Spring cleaning

I also tried taking part in different kinds of Steem photo contests:

SteemitPhotoChallenge All Entries (SPC21)

In the above post I posted three photos. Can't remember if any of them won anything. 😅

Anyhow, by this time I started noticing a pattern in my visitors and commenters. There were certain people who had started frequenting my posts, and leaving comments.

I had only been using the blockchain for 3 months, and certain few people like @gringalicious and @englishtchrivy and others would appear in my comments more and more often.

Pipe, and a bird

I posted a toy design I had done on SolidWorks at school:

Something I designed a long time ago in school.

One of my photos did get a second place after all!

SteemitPhotoChallenge #29, Entry #2, Lizard

Deep thoughts:

So you want to be rich because you are different?

I really want to know what's happened to @skeptic, he was an interesting guy, but got some flack for being an honest jerk sometimes, a shitlord even.

I miss him a bit, though.

I'll make a more comprehensive list of people I've met here, as the story continues...

I should probably make one of these night panoramas again:

Nights in Tikkakoski

Then, roughly three years ago, on 26th June, I started my first year-long "One photo everyday" project.

365 followers? Okay. (1/365)

Soon after starting the project, I really started gradually getting regular visitors, many who've been with me until today, such as @old-guy-photos, @blazing, @turpsy, @kaminchan, @theguruasia, @rehan12, @pearlumie, @sacra97, @dswigle,
@melinda010100 and @lanzjoseg. @MarkkuJantunen did join the fun somewhere around the start of my first photo project.

I thank you all – and also those I should have remembered, but may have forgotten to mention – for having been with me through all these years!

Our hiking trip to Karhunjuomalampi in Pyhätunturi, Lapland.

Some of my then faithful followers, like @velimir, @rival, @moneybags, @dejavu, @yaan, @allmonitors, @anomiej, @molometer, @cemke, @magnata, @snrm, @icybc, @perlo, @jon24jon24, @cemke, @beforandafter, @kingsberry, @adenijadeshina, @starving, @escapist, @cutiepie, @adnanrabbani, @steemwija, @shencoin, @azisjesika, @manorvillemike, @osc10, @mistakili, @dinisanda, @trendo, @guyfawkes4-20, @jamisa, @m3mt, @maryambibi, @vectorabbot, @steemclaira, @andkill, @yaanivapeji, @droucil, @buzzbeergeek, @leggy23, @pardeepkumar, @brothermic, @trendo, @tim.clarke, @omsoc, @bankthecrypto, @templeflower, @chaseburnett, @resteemia, @cryptotraderx, @xawi, @prova, @cryptoandcoffee, @xplosive, @krenter, @dromzz, @zoef, @jarendesta and @cheeto.blue have all left and disappeared along the way though. And I miss them all!

From those whom I've lost, the ones I miss the most are some of those most active and funny commenters who brought a smile to my face. They were @yaan, @sadpotato, @george-topalov, and @skeptic.

But there's one person, that I really worry about, and wish I knew was actually ok, and alive. @Petesays, I hope you are doing well. We haven't heard from you for 2 years now after your posts where you told there was another farm burned in your area.

Some cars:

One photo every day: Three Beetles (64/365)

One photo every day: A Game of Chess (173/365)

One photo every day : Moby Dick (242/365)

This little fellow became the face of my photo business:

One photo every day: Someone wanted to pose for my camera... (337/365)

You may want to check out @Ambifokus, and my site Ambifokus.cc out.

Reindeer safari photos, part #1

Copyright violation? Naah...

I've been having such fun posting here!

And while it hasn't been much lately, I've still been quite constantly upvoting all good comments whenever my posts get them. In 2017 I could give quite big upvotes for a comment with only a 10% vote. Now my votes have dwindled. I'm waiting for better times, but still voting good comments. I hope people consider doing the same for their commenters.

I'm starting to get exhausted writing this huge post, but since it's my 4th birthday on the blockchain, I'll try to add a few more pictures.

Then came November 2019 and Steemfest⁴

On November 6th, Leo and I flew to Thailand...

...Where we attended the Steemfest⁴ conference...

...and met a lot of new people...

@ace108, @aggroed, @aishwarya, @andrarchy, @andywong31, @anomadsoul, @anthonyadavisii,
@anyx, @arcange, @bitrocker2020, @bizventurer, @blocktrades, @bubke, @buttcoins,
@buzz.lightyear, @celestal, @cjsdns, @cleanplanet, @corinnestokes, @corsicana,
@crazysailor, @crimsonclad, @cryptospa, @daabi2006, @danea, @derangedvisions, @detlev,
@dmitrydao, @doxie-tx, @dylanhobalart, @elipowell, @elizacheng, @eturnerx, @fabianklauder
@faitherz33, @firepower, @fitinfun, @for91days, @fusan, @gabbygolden, @gandalf, @gengua
@gerbino, @goblinknackers, @grampo, @heleenvanlier, @hidemi, @howo, @iguazi123,
@jack8831, @jacobyu, @jaki01, @jarvie, @jeffjagoe, @joannewong, @joythewanderer,
@jpphotography, @julesplaschke, @justinw, @kaerpediem, @karinpics, @karinxxl, @kevinli,
@khimgoh, @kinakomochi, @knozaki2015, @kobold-djawa, @koolitime, @kopasi, @kristiankho,
@lemony-cricket, @liliana.duarte, @littlenewthings, @livinguktaiwan, @lizanomadsoul,
@louis88, @lukestokes, @m31, @martibis, @misslasvegas, @miss-travel-pro, @mynewlife,
@mys, @nainaztengra, @nateaguila, @neueimmo, @nicniezgrublem, @oleg326756, @osavi,
@poezio, @preparedwombat, @raynie, @reggyaguila, @revisesociology, @rmach, @roadscape,
@robinron, @roelandp, @rollie1212, @rycharde, @sflovik, @sg1, @shintakai, @sho-t,
@sjennon, @slobberchops, @starkerz, @steemrollin, @stoodkev, @superoo7,
@surpassinggoogle, @sytj0116, @theycallmedan, @travelgirl, @vaelriey, @valentinepudding,
@vandeberg, @vandining, @varunpinto, @vesytz, @vikonomics, @wanderein, @wandereronwheels,
@waybeyondpadthai, @world-travel-pro, @yann0975, @yoshiko, @zlatan-spielberg

And of course, we also met with @kaminchan. And I managed to get Bankok and Bagdad mixed up in my coffeeshop smartphone update. (I must have been tired, or just let my phone correct my thumb spellings without watching.)

Having coffee in <strike>Bagdad</strike> Bangkok Chinatown

The Thai Bus Ride:

The crazy bus drivers in Thailand

Thai delicacies:

Lunch, markets, temples and streetfood in Bangkok

After coming back from Thailand, we had a slightly sadder event to attend to. That was my grandmother's funeral. She had died a few days before our trip to Thailand.

We just came back from my grandmother's funeral.

Ο ήλιος μπορεί να θέσει, η ζωή συνεχίζεται. Αυτό είναι το τέλος ενός κεφαλαίου, αλλά το βιβλίο είναι ατελές.

I had to take a short break from blogging.

On February 2nd, I started the Daily and Fresh project.

Ok, First one. Daily and Fresh photography. 📷

After my having started Daily and Fresh, the community soon fled centralization to a new fork of the blockchain, called Hive. My project gladly stood unharmed, and I continued happily posting daily on Hive, just as I had when the blockchain was called Steem.

It has now been 7 months since I started this second year-long photo project. But since there's only 5 months to go, I think I'll definitely finish this one too!

I would really like to go on for another few pages worth of photos and text. But I must say, that I am now at my limit. I'll let this one photo be the last one:

Finnish Toy Dog Club – Dog show in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki :: Daily and Fresh 📷 (219/366)

There's that.

Quite a big post. I am glad if you managed to get through it!
I hope you liked it, as much as I had fun creating it!

And as always...

See ya later!

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