The Next Hive HF & FullAlt - Ref. "Gratuities".


We can't wait for the next HARD FORK on Hive!

"WHY?" you may ask.

The Hard Fork will have one feature/form of gratuities that will be hardcoded into the blockchain.
Yes, you read that right.

When all the TOP20 Witnesses approve the HF, they will be supporting the concept of expanding Hive into the gratuities marketplace & all the new options that come with it!

That is fantastic news!

Gratuities HARD-CODED by our Core Dev Team into the blockchain; we all want to see this feature used by as many people as possible out of the five BILLION people on the internet via the chain.

One example will be a recurring tipping/payment (Patron reward) feature.

From the next HARD FORK on, everyone will be able to utilize a HARD-CODED gratuities feature by which you can regularly reward other content creators out there with your HIVE (liquid funds).

Check it out:
2020/10/05 scheduled payments operation
By October, there was work already commenced:

2020/10/20 Patreon use case and tech limitations
Yes, it is there.

2020/11/23 Recurrent transfers (how much recurrence, what do in case of no money, remove repeatedly failing recurrent transfers)

2020/12/08 Recurrent transfers current status + RC considerations
All of these meetings were LIVE online; the recordings are available on Youtube.

Links to the video recordings found below:


HiveTips & HivePatron by @fullalt

The team at FullALT is eager to add this demanding coded feature to all our User Interfaces (and future UIs).

The goal is to get HIVE & HBD utilized on as many platforms and sites as possible. Not just on the front ends that are utilizing Hive (our blockchain).

The gratuities and micropayments markets are billion-dollar markets, and Hive can easily cater to the needs of all the lovely people sharing their wealth via these means.

& HiveTips is not skimming off the top from any funds people send; the goal is to show the world out there on the internet what Hive has to offer when people utilize HIVE & HBD.

"Fast and Fee-Less" transactions, as we say!

Does this addition to the Hard Code of the blockchain affect HivePatron or HiveTips in any way?

Not only does it give a firm and fixed added feature that is hardcoded into the chain, but it also confirms the fact that we are on the right track.

For every platform/site, there is a unique approach. A unique code. An individual means of complying with their Terms & Conditions. We want to see HIVE & HBD on all of them. Including the added feature described above that the blockchain will include in the upcoming HF.

There is almost NO LIMIT to where we can UTILIZE HIVE & HBD.

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of different markets out there on the internet. Gratuities are one of the most "personal" ones for people and the beautiful nature by which we can all share the wealth.

The more use cases for HIVE & HBD all over the internet, the higher the demand.

Not only are people able to share and show appreciation to each other via the services incorporating HIVE & HBD that we are bringing to their websites and platforms. We have opened an opportunity for EVERYONE who owns HIVE to contribute to getting the word out.

Every time someone sends a gift/tip to someone on one of the most visited and used sites/platforms, other people see it, and all those transactions include links leading people to Hive.

What an excellent means of promoting EVERYTHING that Hive stands for and represents, and you too now have the tools to be a part of that on sites where you, your family, friends, co-workers communicate with each other.

Hive is taking crypto to the world.

Hive is not a blockchain concentrating on one group of people in this world or one niche. Hive is all-inclusive. It is an abundance of wealth and goodwill. Our economy is all about creating and sharing, showing gratitude and appreciation, and giving credit where we as individuals, every one of us, you, me, everyone believes that we can and should help build a better and wealthier world.

In the world of blockchain technology, the next HARD FORK on Hive that ALL will approve of our witnesses is the biggest of confirmations to everything just stated.

It is not only a "seal of approval." It is proof that Hive is evolving and moving as far away as possible from the slums that Steem was/is.

We are entering into a new paradigm of thought, looking towards real people, accepting people, and listening to people. A paradigm in which there is an understanding of what Hive has to offer to the world.

Hive is ALIVE.

The core dev team and everyone involved in the mainchain coding side of this endeavor prove that daily. Take a look at the Hive GitLab repos. Not a day goes past that work isn't being done. Top20 witnesses down to coders and non-coders, who are not witnesses yet are adding their wealth of knowledge to Hive.

The most significant change on Hive is the increased understanding of what coders do and the importance of their work. What is evolving is not only an increased level of communications that are supportive among the coders but also an almost non-existent presence of "negativity."

We are seeing that the discussions include an understanding that all coders working hard at their jobs have to put their minds and hearts alongside the creativeness needed to achieve the tasks at hand. No matter what that code may be. It is so inspiring to one and all who follow it on GitLab and in the meetings.

There is no undermining each other's work, but the exact opposite. Our coders build and expand on each other's ideas and efforts, helping and supporting each other as colleagues. This phenomenon on Hive among our coders is yet another piece of proof that we are moving forwards and leaving behind all the negativity from prior years when we were "ruled" by a centralized (totalitarian) regime.


When you listen to the meetings, you will hear the term "Second Layer"!

It will be something that all our UI's will include for all those who wish to have everything we offer available to their second layer venture. The second layer will help ensure that everything Hive, including those building on Hive, is open to millions/billions of people on other platforms and sites.

Our UIs will be tools that every second-layer venture will utilize to help promote their offer and automatically all things Hive!
Everyone utilizing Hives upcoming second layer features will likewise have the ability to promote their venture as individuals and not be dependent on a centralized authority. Along with all the other benefits, as mentioned earlier too.
We will keep everyone updated transparently, openly, and publicly via posts here on Hive.

Especially on our proposal:

"Tokenizing The Internet With Hive" - HiveTips, HivePatron & My Alt Wallet

We are trying to ensure that everything we invest into Hive's future is put onto the chain, as you have seen to date. There is no room for any doubt.

FullAlt shall keep this up as we firmly believe that this is the best way forwards for all future projects on Hive.

Oh, & there is another HUGE reason why we are looking forward to the next HF of/on Hive, but we'll leave that for another time and place, as it is of a different nature to the changes listed above.

Keep marching forwards.

On behalf of the team at FullAlt,

Yours Truly

Jack Miller (@jackmiller)

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