The Next Hive HF & FullAlt - PART #2 - Resubmitting Proposal in Accordance With The Upcoming HF.

Tokenizing The Internet With Hive

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With the new upcoming HF there is the need to ensure our Prpopsal is adjusted accordingly.

The Mission Statement of our proposal remains unchanged:

"Tokenizing The Internet With Hive."

The products and services are for now the same and can only be expanded upon as the project moves forwards:


The only thing that needs adjusting is the following:

The proposal must be split into 2 proposals, due to the limitations of the current coding and as a result of the upcoming HF, which shall only apply for proposals submitted after the HF.

This is all explained in the video we released on this topic earlier:

Upcoming Hive HF & FullALT #2
on YouTube

Please check it out after reading this post and don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Every little bit of support helps.

So basically the following will be done in ref. to the funding portion:

New proposal Pre HF will be for 2020 & Q1 of 2021, as all of this will be 100% in the past and shall totally cover every standard of the term "trustless".

Note: the amount paid to date shall be deducted/calculated, however due to the necessity of "rounding off" figures, as per the current code, it may be a few $ off. Nothing worth mentioning, as in the after HF proposal, we will have the ability to put in a firm fixed figure that will automatically, be cut off by the chain/code.

The Proposal after the the HF will be for:
Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

So the two proposals combined will be exactly what was in proposal #128, absolutely no difference, however, it now must be split into 2 proposals and comply to the needs of the current code and of the upcoming code.

Like I mentioned: The Proposal Post, will be modified so as to cover these new requirements.

We are overly satisfied to see one form of Gratuities being hard coded into the chain. Hive is expanding into real world markets and needs of people out there. This is FANTASTIC.

Hive is ALIVE!

For FullALT

Yours truly

Jack Miller (@jackmiller)

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