Have you brought new investment to HIVE? - Let's share our experiences to imrove how we promote

As you've likely noticed, HIVE is having a great day, with the price soaring above 40 cents, and at one point seeing a 100% increase against BTC from earlier in the day.

Hive Promotion.png

Let's work together and help each other promote Hive as best as we can! Image credit: Hive Promotion - Extend Your Reach / Audience

Feeling the urge to promote the news while hot, and feeling the energy and hype that only big green dicks candles can give, I made a quick post on LeoFinance with my thoughts.

In it, I mentioned how I also shared a quick screenshot from Huobi with my non-Hive friends (who still trade some crypto). That small act, which took less than 10 seconds, lead to a $5k investment in HIVE. Here's a quick exempt from it:

I hope you're all seeing this as a call to make some noise about HIVE wherever possible. I couldn't help but post a quick screen in a group chat that I have with some friends (who are into crypto, but nothing to do with HIVE) just showing that "our token" had gone up 40% to 660 sats in a short timespan with the short commentary "I love alt season".

No without any encouragement or recommendations to my friends whatsoever, one quickly responded "bought for $5k! :)". It struck me that merely talking about our token, and putting it on the radar of even small hobby-investors such as my friends, will inevitably result in some buying our token and increasing its value. It should be obvious, but it appears to me that many are not conscious of this opportunity that we all have to increase HIVE's value through our network.

From my recent article at LeoFinance

Sure, $5000 not a lot. But there's a lot of us. That's why our network effect can still matter a lot, and why it should be worth doing two things:

  1. Encourage each other to share Hive externally whenever possible.
  2. To share our own experiences and lessons learned with each other to help improve their success-rate and thus also the network effect they have.

What's your experience?

That's why I'm curious about what good experiences any of you have had in terms of promoting HIVE and if it has resulted in people buying the token?

Also, if you have to admit that you've never tried to convince anybody to invest, then it would be valuable to hear that as well in the comment section.

Can we share our experiences that we have talking about HIVE to different types of people (potential bloggers, devs, small hobby investors, large investors), and collectively create a "best practice" for how one can promote HIVE? Whether it is the small things like sharing a chart of the price going up, or an article on the platform you found interesting, to more serious efforts at convincing people that HIVE is a great investment?

Should we try to co-write a "sales letter" tailored for different types of receivers that we could use when approaching people?

I'm just throwing some ideas around, and would love to see people get hands-on and engaged with co-creating something. It could be a shared doc of different types of sales letters. Or it could be a HIVE promotion material community where people are incentivized to post how they would write a sales letter or pitch that others can copy and use themselves.

We all benefit from other people's success at promoting our chain, so let's help each other have the best material and ideas possible.