EXODE publishes a new approach to browser games

Now the title sounds tentatively ambitious!
Let me space out our director of communications for illegal boasting.
Ok Director #1, spaced.

So, if EXODE is publishing a new approach to browser games even before it is released, just like some paradox space bubble, it is because it just released something.

And it's not a small thing either.
Because it's a Manifesto.
Okay, that was not impressive.

EXODE Manifesto

And it can be downloaded here.

What's about it?
It could have been something that says:

"hey! we don't like this in games. Do you?"

Or something that tries to say it invented something.

We won't dare say we invent anything before we make it playable by at least a few dozens or hundreds or thousands of you. Which will happen.

But we gathered up all the main things about EXODE and put it in a document. Sometimes it's because of something we don't like (like gang ups, or boredom, or empty weeks of boredom, or empty weeks of gang ups, or even the two together in some other games, that happens).

But most of the time, it is because we deliver something and it just happens to be something new to browser games. That was not intentional, but that was just part of the vision.

I won't speak about a hundred features.
There are possibly a hundred interesting things about EXODE.
But we don't want to drown you into a long list of impossible, imaginary features. What is the point of that? Beat some contest of imaginary things?

EXODE has a lot features on plan, yes, that's true!
And we will complete each of them step by step.
Every time with a glorious release, screenshots, call to come play it with your starship.

But if you should come to the presale, it is not because of a list of a hundred features on plan.

Why should you come to the presale (March 29th)?

If you should come to the presale, it is because you understand the vision of EXODE. Or the gameplay you'll have. Or the gains you will have. Or anything in this document that makes sense.

Every single release of EXODE is made about five things:

  • A unique experience.
  • True power of your collection.
  • Asset valuation (you gaining money; not only us; that's the point).
  • A rich opposition system (more about that in our document)
  • And... fun.

And in fun we mean the big thing.
When we mean fun, we mean epicness.
We mean blasting music.
We mean danger.
We mean hard decisions.

We mean that moment when you never ever had to fire a torpedo, but are sneaking stealthily near an unknown enemy, and getting ready to press the red button. Even when it's on a long timer.

We mean that moment when you never got shot at before, but then suddenly take damage, and panic, and flee, and hyperspace. Never even knowing what alien got in your six.

But EXODE is also, and mainly, a colony management game.
As written in the document, we also want EXODE to be your Frostpunk in space.

Yes, in a cyberpunk-like-UI, in science fiction, with blockchain values and gains, but also with the same vibe.

Now, if you are a reader... go read it!

If not?
Just sit tight then.
For next post will answer more questions, and also talk about the team.

Was I so busy writing a Manifesto, that I forgot to reveal the roadmap again?

I'll space myself out!

Edit: I notice some character corruption in today's PDF version, note that this will be adamantly fixed during the week!

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