Hive Projects I Am Currently Following/Most Excited About.

Hey :)

I haven't really done a Hive focused post for a long time and in the past it's just been about my holdings but I thought I should really do a gaming and general projects post also cuz of a comment I made on @jfuji 's post How I got my Hive story published outside of Hive


In April I started playing #terracore and joined their Discord server and started to chat with the amazing people in there also read up on the project on the Gitbook page and really liked what I saw, and the thing I love most about the project is that it's open source and anyone that wants could build their own UI (User Interface) for it with its own features like @asgarth 's website TerracoreHub and another thing I am amazed about is gnome's dedication and really fast development skills! which you can def see from the constant updates on the blog @terracore

I really need to up my stats specially Favor and get a ship NFT so I can join the boss battles! I am so behind... lol.


This is another project I've been keeping my eyes on because of the huge impact it could have on Hive! Also been chatting a little with @vaultec on Discord and he seem like a great person hehe :) (Also I am still going to try make that logo! If you still want it xD) ... I won't go into that much detail on it in this post but you can read more about it here and here

Self Plug??

A couple of weeks ago I started a new account with my friend @gwajnberg (rantree) called Lemurians
it's mainly a curation account but we are thinking of posting from it more also mainly to get more Hive Power but also to get some HBD that will be turned into Hive Engine tokens and other stuff! I have talked a long time about starting a project with someone but it never happened so I am really excited about this and can't wait to see how far we can go with it :D (also rantree when you read this, thank you so much for joining me on this and for carrying our project.💚)

Thanks for reading! ps. sorry for all the name-dropping lol.

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