Over 3000 EDS MINI MINERS (EDSMM) issued so far | Current miner rewards = BIG%

Hello everyone, what a fantastic week it has been for the @eddie-earner account and EDS. I released the second EDS miner at the start of the week and so far, we're doing ok. There have been a total of 3,161 EDSMM issued in the past 5 days which is great but there are still 21,839 that need to be issued before EDS moves onto the next thing. It'll not be a miner and that's im saying.


Please see the EDSMM mini miner release post click here.

So im back to the shilling, ya'll better be ready to see a few posts each month from my pushing these mini miners because it's for the greater good and the quicker they sell the better. The 1st EDS miner take 7-8 months to sell out so i thinking this will be around the same and until they are all sold, the ROI for EDS mini miners will be greater than 20%. Let's have a look and see what it is right now.

  • EDSMM mini miner rewards are set and locked. This means if 1000 or 20,000 mini miners are issued, the EDS mining reward pool is the same. EDS mini miner rewards are set to provide a 20% ROI when all 25,000 mini miners are issued. Now we know this information, we can easily work out the current ROI.

  • We take total EDSMM mini miner tokens of 25,000 and divide that by the current issued amount of 3161 and we get an answer of 7.9.

  • Mining rewards are currently 7.9 times greater than 20% so EDSMM currently has an ROI of 158%

Hope that's easy to understand and can help to work it out for yourself. (25,000 divided by circulating EDSMM amount and muiltpled by 0.2 ((20%)) to give the current ROI)

Of course, this percentage will drop over time as it heads toward 20% but as i said above, it might take 7-8 months to get to 20%. It's sorta the early bird gets the worm and remember that EDS miners are the only way to mint new EDS tokens into circulation and when EDSMM are providing rewards of 158%, it's a good time to buy some.


The more miners you buy and stake the more EDS tokens will mine. EDS tokens are pegged to 1 HIVE each and pay a weekly HIVE income of over 25% each Monday evening. EDS is a very overlooked project, there is not any other projects paying out a 25% APY directly in HIVE each week. People went nuts for 20% HBD and EDS is doing 25% on HIVE. Granted, the amount of EDS tokens is very limited but there was a 6 months presale so... i tired

It's still early days for EDS in the grand scheme of things. All I've done with it to date is sell 20,000 EDs tokens, release and sell out 1 miner and release a 2nd miner that's on sale now. There is a hardcap on EDS of 500,000 so there are lots of tokens left to issue. There's is plenty of room for growth within EDS and i can vision us one day (maybe) hitting an EDS APY 40% based on its current model.

EDS is 100% pure HIVE, everything it receives is converted to HIVE and powered up. All tribe tokens, airdrops, content rewards, everything. EDS is very black & white. You can see below how the EDS APY has been performing from the start of this year. Its total range has been between 22 and 23.5% for the first 20 weeks with it jumping to just below 25% this week after issuing 3000 EDSMM and powering up 3000 HIVE.


How do EDSMM (EDS mini miners) work?


EDSMM only cost 1 HIVE per miner as suggested by investors click here to visit the EDSMM exchange page

Questions are welcome, i would advice you to check out my blog and look through a few recent earnings reports to give you an idea of the consistency that EDS provides to its token holders and who brings a few EDSMM could pay pay dividends in 2 forms for years, decades and if Elon figures a way to merge us with machines, centuries and millennia.

Thank you for checking out the post, comments, upvotes and rehive's all help a small project like this gain much-needed exposure.


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