Important updates

Important curation trail updates



First thing is first, let's talk curation.


If you want to gain curation by following the @dynamicsteemians curation trail, please be aware that you must have at least 500 Hive Power behind your vote and able to set your curation trail settings on properly.

  • 20% fixed voting weight is ideal to ensure curation, albeit micro curation.
  • 50% scaled voting weight will also work
  • these are approximations.

If you want to show support by following the @dynamicsteemians curation trail regardless of curation then following at a 1% fixed voting weight is ideal and not necessarily required to gain the group vote.

Gaining the group vote.


As always simply share your Hive post in our discord- for the fastest sure shot way to gain the vote. But please be open to friendly criticism if your content isn't displaying your best efforts. Also please share regularly.
Hopefully, this will encourage further Hive posting and engagement.

  • This is the fastest and surest way to gain my attention.

Since there was very little activity in regards to people sharing their posts in our discord for the group vote, I needed to refine our trail and better steer the group into a new more sustainable direction. There is many people who are inactive that are following our Trail and I do hope that they return and find added curation. The reality is probably only like 10% or 20% will find that to be the case unless the price of Hive increases exponentially.

I, @dynamicgreentk, added several people to our trail vote, mostly based off my personal reading preferences and of course the prospects of potential curation.

There are a few notable people who are casting a $0.01 vote with each vote on our @dynamicsteemians curation trail and that is noticed. These accounts of course get the vote.

Closed mouths don't get fed. If you want our vote or we are not voting on you by mistake please politely say something, preferably in discord.

Who we are voting on currently.




I slimmed down who we vote on from 370 people to 81.

Keep in mind that so many factors were and still are in play for determining who we vote on.

Currently, I am extremely proud and happy with who we vote on. My friends list mirrors the @dynamicsteemians auto voter on

Curation Trail Management.


I will now be able to manage our trail vote for spam better and actually thoroughly enjoy reading these curated authors on Hive daily that are now too in my feed.

I won't allow our groups vote for authors receiving the curation trail vote to make threats of violence on the blockchain chain, make racist remarks or just general low quality posting.

Hopefully with a smaller curated group of authors, I can better monitor for low quality posters, spur engagement, gain curation, and just as importantly develop/maintain global relationships.

Many of you may have noticed my recent comment streak.


I was trying to see who was engaging and active. That was a dynamic in choosing authors.

If you all would enjoy the 70-80 comments a day then I would need 10,000 HP to better give a 0.03 upvote with each comment. Im serious. If im delegated that, I will comment on every post everyday with that deli. Maybe with increased hive price that can be a reality without delegation
Otherwise I will aim to do 20-30 comments a day on various posts from here on out. I will do so with my @dynamicgreentk account until I create a new account for this curation group. Im thinking dynamichivers or dynamichiving and have a chive be our mascot.šŸ¤«šŸ˜†


I will be using @steembasicincome to further support content authors we vote on. This will help off set any unwanted curation we maybe taking away with our vote and hopefully help gain curation as well.

As always, THANK YOU!


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