There is no freedom without responsibility.

It might be a truism. It might be a little cheesy. But it's all about practical implementation of this slogan. For me, last weeks of the discussion about DVs and censoring on Hive come down to this issue.

Decentralization doesn't need to be chaotic, I'm going to repeat this. And with new possibilities and new ways to utilize and express our natural freedom, we need a new sort of structure to create efficient, truthful and friendly environment, without compromising the liberty.


Hive power is the biggest power here! It's not only power to produce and distribute money, it's much more than that, it's power to create and shape future world. Our votes, by financial incentive are going to influence trends and topics, but this is not all. With our votes we legitimise and support certain attitudes. Here comes responsibility. Do you really want to support authors who power-down all the rewards? Or these people selfvoting every post? This is like feeding the dog biting you, and in the long run, it might decide if we will prosper or perish.

Obviously we cannot create new institutions and control agents, this is the way of the past. But what we can provide is simply information. Every Hive frontend provide simple information about users known from the Web 2.0 Reputation is one novum, but this term is completely irrelevant to actual measurment. It's not enough.

What really should matter for the decentralized community on the blockchain are these metrics:
-what is the ratio between earned money and powered-down money of this user
-what percentage of votes of this user were self-votes
-how much of possible voting mana has been used by this user to support the network

This is relevant information for user engagement and reputation, and I'd love to see these by default implemented on major frontends. This is matter of transparency and easy access to these info, everything is visible on the blockchain, but ease of use is crucial for our future in my opinion. What are your opinions? @peakd @ecency


This doesn't end DV wars, however it would be major improvment to vote distribution. The idea discussed here by @theycallmedan to add special free votes to counter subjective DVs after voting period seems to be improving this problem IMO, but we still need to improve the system in terms of exploitation.

At the end it comes down to the stakeholders keeping their best interest in their mind, the rest is education and providing the information. Can you see any important metrics which could help you decide, who deserves your vote? I'm counting on your engagement here.


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