Official Launch: D.Buzz is Alive on the Hive Blockchain

Official Launch of Dbuzz.jpg

Built on the $HIVE blockchain, today, we are thrilled to publish the launch of D.Buzz, a different type of microblogging platform!

Just like @peakd or Hive.Blog, D.Buzz allows you to post to the $HIVE blockchain, but with a trim limit of 280 characters.

@dbuzz is about connecting! Beyond being an excellent microblogging platform, we empower you to post directly to D.Buzz from Twitter after you verify your account with us.

@share2steem did similar work between 2018 and 2019, our verification system builds upon this and then adds more, much more! Namely, we won't be requiring you to hashtag #dbuzz in your Tweets.

It's so easy; all you have to do is verify your account on our website and use the hashtag #hive or the ticker $HIVE in the Tweet you want to re-post to the blockchain.

After clicking "Tweet," that is when our techno-wizardry takes over. It will re-post your Tweet to the #dbuzz community on the HIVE blockchain. Easy, Fun, and rewarding!

Disclaimer: @dbuzz is far from finished. As it is now, this is our MVP (Minimal Viable Product). This product is still under active development. However, we wanted to get you using it today! Rest assured, that we’ll be adding to the website and developing this Dapp further.

Launch of Dbuz.jpg

To get you Buzzing on @dbuzz, visit and Buzz whatever you want to say to the #HIVE community. You can also visit our community by clicking here. Say hi and be sure to drop by our Discord for updates.


  1. Nathan Senn @nathansenn / Blockchain Developer - Lead Investor - Advisor

  2. Chris Rice @chrisrice / Coordinator

  3. Ms. Dimple / Lead Developer #1

  4. Ms. Joy / Lead Developer #2

  5. Carlo @postnzt / Developer

  6. Nelmin / Back-end Developer

  7. Kraster @zeroskillsz / Artist

  8. Tim @jacuzzi / Graphic Designer - Copywriter

  9. Jan Charles @jancharlest & Princes @princesremedies helped initiate this project.

NOTE: As noted in our previous post, our team is interested in having @blocktrades make a blockchain level change to HIVE and are currently in talks with stakeholders and abuse fighters on the blockchain to ensure that our users enjoy their experience. Rewards will be set to decline for a period of one week and we expect to activate rewards on May 26th, 2020.

The single beneficiary of this post is @null, at 100%.

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