NEW Microblogging Platform is Launching Soon #HIVE


D.Buzz, short for (D)iscover the Buzz or (D) for Decentralized will allow Hive users to repost their Tweets to the HIVE blockchain automatically through our in-house verification system.

Our web application will be a true Hive-based blockchain DAPP, it will not integrate with the Steem blockchain, and we will not reconsider this so long as the Steem blockchain is under the control of @justinsuntron and/or the TRON Foundation.

HIVE users who verify their account will be able to repost their Tweets to the HIVE blockchain by doing nothing more than including the hashtags #HIVE, #DBuzz or the ticker $HIVE in the Tweets that they want republished to D.Buzz / Hive.

NOTE: There could be a delay of up to 10 to 30 minutes before Tweets are posted to the blockchain but as we develop and scale, we will work to make repost times faster.

Expect the announcement of our official launch before the end of next week, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Discord, and get a sneak peak of some of the merchandise for marketing that we will be releasing in the future.

Discover the Buzz!


Dbuzz screenshot.png

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