Bye Hive

I have done my best to express how much I care about Hive, that I am a vocal advocate for your platform - I've been advocating for Hive since day one and did not once attack the platform as a whole. Please go look into my actual posts, suggesting that targeted harassment is a barrier for adoption.

This was not an attack on you.

My suggestion to look into the behaviors of the social space came from a place of love for you guys, and wanting you to be able to see a larger consumer adoption.

If you follow my content you know that in addition to speaking up about Hive on my own platform, in every interview I've done since Hive started I've spoken about how wonderful this community is.

Instead of listening to these ideas and trying to find ways to solve the problem of harassment from large stakeholders, I saw the problem exemplified 10 fold. From hateful comments calling me a slut, cunt, twat, bitch and whore - to disgusting videos made on Threespeak insinuating you pay me for sex, Blocktrades even suggested I leave social media as a whole. You suggested it's my job to come up with a solution for the problem I was addressing - it is not the sole job of the people enduring the harassment to come up with solutions.

The outpour of hate and harassment I received across platforms for suggesting that behavior of stakeholders is a barrier to adoption is incredible. My entire statement was that people will be deterred from the platform if you continue to act this way, it's a self fulfilling prophecy.

I am very sad to see how this has turned out. I wish you guys the best in all you do, and do have much love for those of you who supported me in my time here.

The rest of you can kick rocks.

Appreciate the run guys!


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