HIVE - A Hobby? A Career? An Obligation? What’s Hive To You?


Hive can be seen as several things depending on who you are.

The way you regard this platform affects how much you use it, how much effort you put into it, how often you promote it, the amount of contributions you give and how much you invest in it.

I’ve seen Hive viewed as a hobby, a career and as an obligation by several members and have observed the way they interact here due to their perspective.

Is there a right or wrong way to value Hive?

In my opinion there’s not. Everyone has their own individual needs, motivations and purposes for using Hive. The important thing is that you’re here interacting, engaging and enjoying the time you do spend here. To each their own intent.

Have you ever thought about how you esteem Hive?

I thought it would be interesting to see how you deem Hive. Did it start off one way for you and then changed as time went on? Did you reconsider your thoughts about it after a certain experience you had here? As you became more familiar with the platform maybe you found it to be more or less than your initial interpretation?

I’m going to list each outlook I’ve mentioned above along with a description according to how I’ve observed it’s position within the chain.

Note: Everyone’s behaviors, habits and desires of each category will vary. I’m not stating that all Hivizens are the same way. I am basing this information from what I’ve observed over the years.



This first view is what brought me here to Hive. When my brother introduced me to the concept of blogging and crypto I was immediately hooked. I thought it would be a fun pastime to explore during my free time.

Many people I’ve met along the way enjoy Hive as a hobby. They may not see a need to log in everyday but only when they have the extra time.

So please don’t get offended if you receive no response to your comment or question for days and even weeks.

They also may not have a set schedule of when they post but rather do so when in the mood or when they feel they have something that's worth sharing.

Something else I’ve observed from Hive hobbyists is that they may not put as much care or emphasis on trying to build relationships here as they are not around on a regular basis. They don’t feel as obliged to engage or interact. This is why after posting they’ll seldom or rarely respond to comments because they don’t return until it’s time to publish again.

Hive is not at the top of the priority list in this outlook as there are other affairs that take precedence. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality and posting effort is tainted. Even in the limited time hobbyist have they still want to showcase their skills and creativity in an effective way.

Remember I said the concept of blogging and crypto got me hooked. Having fun while earning crypto is a big factor in why effort is still the aim.


For some Hive may have started out as a hobby but eventually led to a career.

I remember in the first two years seeing many do so well that they started blogging here full time. A few even posted about leaving their jobs to make this a career. I’ve always thought that was a huge and risky step due to the nature of crypto and the fluctuating markets, but despite some have been able to make it their reality.

Those who have made blogging their career will naturally take this journey more seriously than others. Since posting or curating has become their way of making a living they always give the best they’ve got when posting and interacting. Making connections and building relationships is of necessity for a Hive careerist.

If you’ve been here long enough you already realize that having support is key to being successful here. Those who follow you, upvote your publications, comment on your work, help promote your work and support your efforts in other ways are vital.

Have you ever said or felt that someone takes Hive too seriously? You are probably a hobbyist referring to a careerist. 😄

Just like with any job or career your goal is to govern yourself professionally and give your best. The same goes here on Hive. You’ll see people put forth their best efforts and display quality all around.

I think the ultimate dream is being able to have fun doing what you love while making a living.

One I spoke to recently about this said

I can imagine doing this for a long time than working in the industry. I enjoy doing what I've been doing so it's not too much of a burden for me. I do get burn out too, but it can be fixed with a few days of vacation. Good thing I won't get broke in doing so. So it's still much better than being in the toxic corporate world.


He is an asset in the OCD Community and was able to leave the industry and work full time here. I think it’s quite amazing when one can enjoy the work they do everyday.

Hive may not necessarily be a full time career for some but more like a side gig. Times are rough for a lot of people right now so having this outlet helps make ends meet and provides some extra pocket cushioning.

I am blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom. I can’t even imagine going back into the workforce at this point. Hiving enables me to help my family with certain financial needs. This is one of the reasons I take my time here seriously and have worked hard to bring forth efforts in all I do.



Are you wondering why I included obligation as a Hive regard?

My Hive journey started out as a hobby which led to an obligation. I had no idea how long I would be doing this or how successful it would be. I seen a need and jumped on the opportunity to create it. I’m speaking of the NeedleWorkMonday Community.

It started out as a tag I created to bring all needle enthusiasts together to share and have fun. I had NO IDEA it would turn into an actual community and grow so much from there. Seeing the love, support and all the effort that has been given to this initiative, I feel a strong commitment to be here making sure it’s nurtured.

This is a social platform, but real lives are being changed because of the opportunities made available here. Having this sense of belonging and being amongst like minded people who get and understand you is incredibly encouraging and uplifting.

I have witnessed too many amazing blessings to abandon the people that count on these interactions. This space is a stress reliever for many and knowing I play a part in helping create that, gives me a sense of responsibility I must hold to.

Devs, witnesses, community leaders, curators, contributors, investors and many others may feel an obligation that keeps us sticking around. Knowing you play a major role in Hive’s success motivates you to keep putting forth efforts, especially when others count on it.

The path of a Hive obligationist may have started differently but eventually led to some form of accountability. Anyone who has a duty here may fall into this category of how they value Hive.

Do you see yourself in any of these outlooks?

Maybe like me you find yourself in more than one.

I find it fun and interesting reflecting on how I view things and considering how I end up in the places that I do. It’s nice knowing how and why I value Hive. I am fully aware of the reasons I remain here and put so much time and work into what I do.

So what is Hive to you?

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thanks For Your Attention! ♥️

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