⏸ #CometWeek UPdate! Pausing All Operations TO ADD MORE ROCKET FUEL. 2,000 Hive! [Click Here!!!] β˜„οΈ


Is #CometWeek going to endUP being a

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯GIANT FIRE BALL?!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


But we, the Comet Crew, don't give a damn.

Come hell or high water we are committed to the course.

What does that mean?

I mean seriously right?!

It means we have now reached 7 days + 7 days (already!) of #CometWeek!

Sooooo what's another 7 day's?!

So much good has come out of the last 14 days since @Comet.Ranker launched!


✨✨✨ #CometWeek ✨✨✨ β˜„οΈ



People world wide have embraced the idea of celebrating a friendlier Hive and doing that all in the comments section of their favorite posts here on the Hive Blockchain!

Check it out!!! πŸ‘‡


Sooooo when you got a good thing going... Why stop!

We all wanna party in the posts here on Hive right?

There's just so many things to celebrate so why not keep going!?


That's what we decided to do!

So, effective now, we are pausing ALL operations!!!

Wait! What?!



πŸ‘‰πŸ“± ⏸

I got this time traveler remote control... It's specialized and adapted to the Hive Blockchain!

It allows me the ability to pause this rumbling heaven shaking rocket launch!

Why pause a freaking rocket launch?!

Because we need to add another WEEKS WORTH OF ROCKET FUEL!




⏸⛽️_______2,000 HIVE_______ πŸš€

That's right! We are UPing the anti by adding another 1,000 pounds of highly explosive Hive to our rocket tanks!

____And all for a friendlier Hive Blockchain!____

It's foundationally important! Hive security is fundamental but so is it's marketability. These are both integral parts of one and the same coin.

Here at @Comet.Ranker we are daring to make the attempt to find the edge. Because it's those gaps between us that are actually where real action potential exists! If we can just harness that energy for good!

We want to bring everyone together under the same Hive Banner! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

We gotta face the facts!

We are all battling obscurity and so we have got to all get on the same page and we gotta do it TOGETHER!

We have got to continue to innovate how we human... if we are to reach escape velocity!

The Social2.0's don't want us to win... so we have got to band and stick together and show them all what we are made of!

One day we will hold their feet to comet fire... but not until we have reached escape velocity!

And so we have got to make Hive habitable again! We have got to find our common ground once again rather than the things that divide and separate us!

That means pumping life giving oxygen back into the comments! We have got to be better than all those places we left... so that we can be a beacon to bring people home!

Hive Is Our Home!

And there's masses and masses who don't know that there is a better way to social out there! Whole heaps of humanity! Just waiting! Floating through space and time... Waiting for us to reach out and not just tell them... but touch them!

And it's the comments that are going to set us apart from anywhere else! Comments = Air. Comments = Care. Comments = Community.

...annnnd none of that's gonna happen in a vacuum of downvote spam, general malaise, and discontent.

So that's why we are gonna pause to fuelUP our rocket launch and take another pass over the mission objective! ⭕️

Everyone who's participated will still hold the Comet Points they have accumulated!

And this is what it's currently looking like!

Let's take a participation count by mission category!

@wrestlingdesires - 1 Comet Point

@daniella619 - 2 Comet Points

@daniella619 - 4 Comet Points
@sofs-su - 1 Comet Point
@purepinay - 1 Comet Point
@wrestlingdesires - 1 Comet Point
@dreemsteem - 1 Comet Point

@daniella619 - 1 Comet Point
@dreemsteem - 1 Comet Point
@wrestlingdesires - 1 Comet Point

@ryzeonline - 1 Comet Point
@purepinay - 1 Comet Point
@dreemsteem - 2 Comet Points
@practicaleric - 1 Comet Point
@sofs-su - 1 Comet Point
@wrestlingdesires - 1 Comet Point

Ok! So what happens next right?

We regroup!

We tell ALL our friends about #CometWeek!

And I, @wil.metcalfe, continue to type like an absolute freak of nature!!! hahahaha! πŸ˜†

We are doing this the hard way...

The dynamic way!

We are innovating #CometWeek as we speak!

This is LIVE... everyday until it's not!

So let's gather our energy, focus, and resolve. 🎯

Let's all work together...

For a friendlier Hive!

What To Watch For?

There's going to continue to be Comet's crashing into the comments section of posts here on Hive...

That part of our operations is still fully in swing!

But #CometWeek is on pause until the next post from this account goes green for go!

🚦 waaaaaittt fooooor ittttt!

And when it does!

THAT post is going to tell you everything you need to know for the next 7 day's!

So that it for now!

Just keep your eyes peeled! πŸ‘€

There's lots going on behind the scenes!

the @Comet.Ranker crew
P.S. Got some questions about all of this? That's what we are here for and why we have filled you in with this post! Just drop your conundrums and questions down bellow in the comments! (How did you know we would say that?! hahaha!)

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