Colorist Cristian Update: Ecency and Odysee Combo

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Did you know I have a Odysee Channel? Of course I do I intend to put all of my artwork in there as well in the hive blockchain. It never cease to amaze me that I can make art here and get rewarded for it. Also in the near future I'll be uploading some speed paint here and also some color commentary on how do things and how I approach a piece.
These are video ideas that I might do soon.

  • Color Commentary ; Speed painting will accompanying with commentary.
  • PSD Tour ; settings layers on commentary on why I did those artistic choices.

I also notice both in the Dapplr app and also the Ecency app that certain players work but others not. Dapplr app does not show the Odysee embedded video but shows the 3speak link and automatically it also applies in the In the Ecency App, 3Speak link does not show up but the embedded Odysee video really works. this will be tricky for me since I need to provide links and also the upload speed for 3speak is garbage. I like the tech of it but it needs improvements on its upload.

If you want to view my content properly. I think the best way to do it is a combo of Ecency and also Odysee since the app and also the embedded video works well together let me know if you like this style.

If you are interested on the work process and flow that I do, please hit me up with a subscribe or a RSS follow.

Odysee Channel

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