We interrupt your HIVE experience to ask you to improve it for all... with this one simple trick!


In case you haven't noticed... the HIVE experience has been sub-optimal for the past few days due to increased traffic from Splinterlands. In general this is great and the chain can handle it, but it does also cause issues due to our lack of API nodes.

There are many solutions to this problem, which would ideally be a lot of nodes operated by a wide range of people, but in the short term, this is likely very difficult if not impossible, as running a full node takes a fair bit of HIVE expertise.

These nodes being reliable and available make the experience better for all.

What can I do right now?

@deathwing has a proposal to spin up even more nodes on the network, which we can support right now, this is most likely the quickest way to get more network nodes right now, and is as easy as a vote on a proposal for you.

>>>>> Proposal: https://peakd.com/me/proposals/184 <<<<<<

See... no clickbait here! One simple signature can help to ensure the stability of our chain.

I have also found deathwing's API node to be incredibly reliable during this ordeal so I have confidence this proposal will provide high quality, highly available API nodes.

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