Hive Goal #1 Complete + Hive Power Up Day

We On track.

I just recently hit 400HP, which may not sound like alot but nearly 3 years ago the most st-em I had at one time was around 300-and-something (this was when it was at the peak price though so I can't give myself too much credit).

Now I have finally fully transferred my old old s--m holdings into HIVE which was one of my 5 Hive Goals I wanted to complete before this summer.

I set myself a little task of getting to 500 by beginning of summer and then 1000 by the end of summer and am feeling like this is now do-able, but am putting away bits and bobs here for future and upcoming projects like this NFT'able - Physical HIVE Rewards System im currently writing a few thoughts on that has essentially turned into a white-paper. Why do I always do this to myself?

My Current HIVE Projects

  • @biglove Community for Vinyl Lovers, Producers, DJ's and new found forms of ART

Timeframe : Introduction Tomorrow

This community will also have an interesting way of rewarding members with not just curation, but also a secret something that I mentioned earlier.

  • Aforementioned Secret Project "Whitepaper"

Timeframe : Next Week

Hive Power Up Day

So on this #hpud I am rounding up my current 401.776 to 424


Sold a bit of DEC I had accumulated for HIVE and powered that up too


(still find it crazy how that swap.hive system works so fluidly)

I even sold some HBD I had to get some more of that HIVE (who couldn't at this crazy price)

I know I would of loved to of done 444 and made it all equal but I'm having to save a bit of non powered hive for the community I'm (properly) launching soon.



Why am I powering up?

The main reason is to be able to vote and curate brilliant content on HIVE (mostly music and art based) and am currently leasing HP to incentivise some community activity
(for anyone out there with some spare HP laying around that would like to see it go to supporting interesting use cases then please do delegate away)

Holding HP also gains a APR of 3% which is handy too.

You can check all the details about the #HivePUD on the official post here:


I hope everyone's been keeping safe and they have a lovely holidays, its heating up here in the UK and I'm sure everyone will go mad not before long


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