Quick 100 Hive Power Up!🔥🆙

I’ve been on the grind for a long time trying to get to Dolphin status here on Hive. And while a big part of that interaction with the community and earning Hive, another important piece of the puzzle is buying Hive and powering it up.

I love powering up! It’s actually pretty fun as a creator here on Hive. I had said for a while that I would start buying Hive to power up again once I had passed the 4000 Hive mark.

Since passing the 4000 Hive mark, the price of Hive has dropped quite a bit which created an opportunity for me to grab a good chunk of Hive while the prices were are low.

And could I know Hive Power Up Day is just days away but I couldn’t wait to power up, so I’m up +100 as we speak.

Excited and thankful for the opportunity to pick up some extra HP though. I’m planning on delegating a little bit out and using the HP to help me reach my 5k HP goal and reach Dolphin status soon after that.

Even if things go down more, I felt like this was a good place for me to take a nibble considering where we’ve been. This was influenced more by the desire to build than anything, there’s really no telling what these markets are gonna do so I like to improve my position whenever the opportunity presents.

Not financial advice though of course.


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