Power Up / April 2021


I’ve been keeping my eye on all the amazing Hive activity/price/conversation and it’s all incredible. Feeling super buzzed about this place lately, and I’ve been doing loads of curation and general commenting/engagement.
Feels like all my work building is starting to pay off.
Seeing my (still rather small!) vote increase is awesome and being able to support the work I enjoy feels good.

Today I’m pleased to say though that today I powered up a juicy 1249.877 hive! (Weird number because I like to leave even rounded numbers in my Hive account where possible 🤪)

Here’s my @ecency power up!


I’ve had a fair bit of liquid hive for a while and bought some recently too as well as a decent conversions from HBD, but I think at the moment this Hive is finding it’s best use being powered up ⚡️

I like to have some liquid in case of an insane ultra pump where I can take a bit of profit (I haven’t ever done that yet) but when the price hits $5 I’m gonna cash out a tiny bit 😀

I’m in it for the long game and this is just place is just getting started! I ❤️ the hive community.

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