Invite: Join the 2nd Hive Community Town Hall



Onboarding, Retention and Community Building on Hive.

πŸ“… When:

Today, November 1st, 11am EST

πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Who:

@chrisrice, founder of @dbuzz
@elmerlin, founder of @liketu
@good-karma, founder of @ecency
@jarvie, co-founder of @peakd
@khaleelkazi, founder of @inleo
@mcfarhat, founder of @actifit
@starkerz & @theycallmedan, co-founders of @threespeak
@vaultec, founder of

🏠 Where:

Audio: X Space πŸ‘ˆ Set a reminder here!


The focus of this Town Hall is to open up the conversation about the topics at hand, and to push the growth of the community side of the blockchain, while striving to reach to agreements and create synergies. We want to keep the community updated on everything happening on-chain, connect with founders and stakeholders at a deeper level, and ultimately generate a sense of belonging and a feeling of true community.

And mainly, grow and strengthen Hive's user base.

The Town Halls are open to every Hiver. You can participate either by requesting to speak in the X space and ask questions or contribute to the conversation, or by engaging in the Threadcast.

Why X?

The reason we do these Town Halls on X spaces is because we are also striving to reach other crypto users, and the best way to do it is through X.

The X algorithm promotes spaces with reminders and comments under the post, so...

If you haven't set a reminder and left a comment here, please do so!

See you in Today, November 1st at 11am EST!

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