Need a dApp Dev. Send help.

I just had a personal problem come up that I was incapable of solving. I need software/app/dapp/site that has a specific utility. As simple as the idea, I dug in the trenches of the data dense digital universe, losing grasp of time. I climbed out of the muck welcomed by only an empty coffee mug and unfed data drive.

I didn't find the app that I assumed to exist.

"What doesn't exist you have to create yourself" Henning Mankell.

Henning Mankell Blurb.jpg

Let's do it!! I agree with Mankell, so I'd like to look into my options to create what does not exist.

I have looked up "Dapp Dev's" in various diggable locations and none give me any perspective on what it might cost to hire someone to work their dapp development magic. So, I have come to the place of knowledge; the Hive, to ask if anyone here can suggest a good (by good, I mean amazing communicator, perfect direction follower, and naturally creative thinking type) dApp Dev. I'd like someone who is "affordable" in some way.

I might be barking up a tree too tall to scurry up. The low end cost of a dev's time and skills might make me back away slowly before a fearful dash. Or, not. I hope not.

If you are a dev or know of someone to speak of, I'm listening. Send help!



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