February Progress Report


Hello everyone. We left one more month behind in 2022. Not long ago, we celebrated the arrival of 2022. Time goes fast. We all have certain goals here. Some of us develop themselves in writing, some in curation. I am also trying to improve myself. I like to progress by setting goals for this.


Even though I try to post content once a day, sometimes I can't do it. Sometimes I suspect that I also share worthless content. I am trying to avoid this situation. My posts are generally about photography, cryptocurrency, hive and Hive-Engine tokens.

Hive Power:

I entered the year 2022 with 2,700 HP. Then I had to do some Power Down. I stopped the Power Down and entered February with 2.550 HP. Recently, I've been setting my content rewards to 100% Power Up. I currently have 2,602 Hive Power.

My End of March Goal:

I decided to set a realistic goal for the end of March and work towards achieving it. I will accumulate at least 150 HP in March. And by the end of March I will have 2,750 Hive Power. If the author and curator awards don't meet that, I'll wrap it up with Power Up.


I hope you reach your goals too.
Hope we have a good March here.

See you again.

Take care of yourself and your hive.

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