- Free and unlimited automation service on Hive


What is is developed to help hive users in many ways. It will do some of the users' daily tasks for them automatically for free!

It's free and unlimited. It depends on the donations for survival.

What features are available on

  1. Schedule your posts:
    Submit your posts in to be published in the future! We will publish your posts automatically at the scheduled time for free!
    We will not add beneficiary rewards (like other services) on your posts, all actions are with zero cost!

  2. Curation trails:
    Curation guilds or curation trails make it possible to sum up many votes together and make a huge voting value.
    The trail followers will follow the upvotes of the leading account (the curation trail's account) and upvote any post upvoted by that account.
    It makes it possible to utilize your votes when you are away or you don't like voting manually for any reason.

  3. Downvote trails:
    Same as the curation trails but for the downvoting.

  4. Fanbase:
    Support your favorite authors by giving them an automatic upvote. If you don't want to miss any post from your friends, or favorite authors, just give them an auto upvote!
    Configure upvote weight, voting time, and how many votes per day or week.

  5. Comment upvoting on your posts:
    If someone is adding valuable comments to your posts and you want to reward them, we will help you reward that user!
    You can set up certain users on your list to vote their comments when they comment on your post.

  6. Claiming your rewards:
    On Hive, you have to manually claim your earned rewards. We will claim your rewards for you! will check your pending rewards regularly and broadcast the claim_reward operation with your account once you have pending rewards.
    It makes life easier.

  7. Discord notifications:
    Receive notifications on discord! Configure for what you want to be notified and that's it. Never miss an important action on your account.
    We support almost all of the operations and virtual operations.

Is secure enough?

Yes. It's secure as it can be.
We are using Hivesigner as a third-party login mechanism. It doesn't give away your keys to the applications. It takes your posting key to verify your username then returns a hash to the and we log you in based on that hash.

After the first login, you have to allow @steemauto to use your account's posting authority. You can complete this task again by Hivesigner. This time you must use your password or active private key. In this process, Hivesigner will sign a transaction in your browser then will broadcast that transaction to the blockchain. This transaction will add @steemauto to your posting authority.

This allows us to broadcast votes on your account without having your keys. (You can revoke this permission at any time by visiting

With this process, we don't have to keep any keys. It makes everything much more secure.

Why use

It helps you to support your favorite authors or your friends.
It helps you to create curations trails and support projects and communities with much bigger power.
It helps you to fight abuse with much bigger power.
It delivers you helpful notifications.
It helps you claim your rewards regularly.
It will help you to use your account effectively and easily.

All for free!

Why it's for free?

No particular reason.
I guess we love the community and want to make life easier for them?

We really would have shut down a long time ago if it wasn't for your support. We really appreciate it.

How to support Steemauto?

  • Upvote this post (every vote counts)
  • Donate HIVE and HBD (every cent counts)
  • Vote mahdiyari as a witness (every vote counts)
  • Follow @steemauto's fanbase or curation trail

Thanks for your great support:)

Top Sponsors:

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And many other donors and voters

Bonus cute image:


We changed the name from steemauto to so it's normal if you see the old name still on some places.

Note #2:
You may notice our posts receive many upvotes.
We are not forcing anyone to upvote our posts and we are not using accounts of our users without their permission.
These upvotes are donations from our users and Hive users.
Join and follow @steemauto in the Fanbase or Curation trail to upvote our posts.

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