This is my Introduction to the Hive Community My name is : Giovanna Bárbaro


Hello everyone, I'm Giovanna Barbaro from Italy, I'm 38 years old, single, I don't talk about myself much, I don't have children, I'm an accountant, I love numbers, sunsets and trips, I'm constantly travelling around my country.


The company that I represented allows me to audit constantly, its subsidiaries for which I traveled many times and that is what you will see especially my sunsets. Street art is another of my passions. I am not a professional photographer but I try to do it every time I can.


This is part of what I have for you, in this my new blog of writing and adventures of every experience of every trip so I will not disappoint you. Every photo is every memory is a little piece of me, for you.


One of the streets in Sicily is a work of art on a bridge, later I will show you because for each photograph has its history, as typical Sicilian I love its streets, its art and its evenings.


This is my life, in my free time I go out to take pictures, to release stress plus good music. This is a life that others don't like or like, but each one is different, just like those who like reading and writing. This is part of my life and thank you very much.

📸📷 Sony Alpha Slt-a65v

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