I want to make a game...

Years ago I played with Unity for a while. For those who don't know, it's a game engine. It's free to use (unless you make tons of money out of the games you develop). You can make pretty cool stuffs with that software and it's very fun to work with. There are tons of ressources; articles, videos, samples... tons!

Anyways, I want to make a game:

  • most likely a 3D top down game
  • "X-COM" style with a touch of "Left 4 Dead"?
  • multiplayer (4 players vs AI probably?)
  • some tokens and NFT stuffs (weapons, gears, etc...?)

I've worked on some car racing games prototypes for the last few weeks. While I think there is a potential with these prototypes, the main concern is the "multiplayer" piece. Making a "realtime" multiplayer game is a very complicated task (lag compensation, entity interpolation, entity extrapolation, prediction, etc...).
I decided to stop and I now want to focus on a more realistic project with a "turn based" mechanism which is wayyyy easier to work with! (at least at the network level)
I even thought of a turn based car racing game, I've found a few existing games that follow that concept. The idea is cool but the gameplay is not very exciting (you basically set a steering and an acceleration, you click and wait for the other players to do the same. Repeat until the race is done).
That's why I'm thinking of a "X-COM" like game. You're in charge of a dude, he has some gear, some weapons and 3 friends. You shoot zombies.

From a technical point fo view, I see a master server (for the matchmaking part and for the management of the users data) and I see "client servers" (something like: you stake tokens, it allows your server to be selected from a pool, you handle all the physic of the game on your server and you earn tokens every time your server is utilized. People need tokens to buy things to kill zombies. Something like that.)

I don't know if all of this is realistic to be honest, but I still want to work on a prototype 🙂