Hive-Engine Witness announcement -- jedigeiss

Hi all,

as I said in the headline I started a Hive-Engine Witness yesterday, I love the way that the topic is evolving and this was finally a good reason to start a witness to help.
I was planning on starting a witness for the main chain years ago but never got around to really do it .. so now this is my first take at something called a witness.

Who am I?


Well, I am around here for quite a while, started back in August 2017 on Steem but was around in the crypto-verse for even longer than that.
You might know me from being part of Utopian back in the day where I was covering some roles like moderator and supervisor.
I also had some interactive Social Broadcasting shows ( I kept falsely naming them radio shows ) running together with @buckydurddle and @techslut covering a lot of topics out of the Free and Open Source Software Universe, this was broadcasted using the fantastic service of @msp-waves on the PAL Discord Server. I am still amazed at how professional you guys are :)
Additionally, I am trying to help the german community in every way I can, even though it has grown a bit quieter in the last months :)

Professionally, having studied computer science a few years back I am now working as a manager in a Software development company.
To keep working on code I have written some python bots either building an easy-to-use interface with discord and the blockchain or automatizing stuff like, well all stuff that you can automatize around a social blockchain, to be honest.

Even after all the fuzz and small disasters we had in the last years, I still think social media blockchains are something great it is just us humans that sometimes need to adapt ourselves :)

Thanks a lot for reading!

ps if you want to vote me or any other hive-engine witnesses you can use the cool tool from @primersion or the official one on tribaldex.