Hive-Engine Developers Meeting: ETHEREUM and ERC20s on Hive-Engine! NFTs creation on TRIBALDEX! Mobile App.


Well, I'm pleased to announce after dreaming about this for a few years that Hive-Engine is adding support for Ethereum and ERC20s this week (if it all goes according to plan). Cryptomancer has made great strides and we've been able to get it working on our QA version of the site. There's some pieces to go and another update I'll post for when it's live, but I'm giving notice those should be here soon. Hoping it's by Friday!

As for ERC20s specifically we're planning to make it so any user can add any project for 1000 BEE. So, if you have a favorite ERC20 you don't have to wait. We'll do our best to make an easy interface to allow easy creation of the bridge to the exchange.

NFTs on Tribaldex

If you haven't visited then you're kinda missing out on the next biggest website for Hive. It's got all the basic features of, and we're adding in all the cool new functionality here.

We're gonna leave as is. So, if you're new to crypto and need something really bare bones to get started it's a good place to send folks.

That said, many people want a richer experience so you'll graduate from hive-engine classic with your bachelors in trading, and move into your grad level classes on degen behaviors.

We have NFTs and NFT markets on now if you check out openhive, but we're going a step further. We're making it so any whitelisted user (allowlist) can create any NFT they want on tribaldex. That said, there's a few rules and if you can't follow them you'll lose your white list.

If you're going to add nudity, swears, sex acts, sexually explicit content, or very graphic content be sure to mark it as NSFW. We'll take down any NFT that's NSFW that isn't tagged as NSFW (it'll still live on the backend, we just won't display it on the front end). Any content that's created that involves naked or harm to kids will be reported, we'll remove any stored files from our system, and you'll immediately lose your whitelist. If you work intentionally provokes violence against people we reserve the right to remove it from the front end and remove you from the white list.

Hive-Engine Classic on Mobile

We're working to release hive-engine classic on mobile for both android and iOS. Hopefully you'll have trading at your fingertips here in March.

Diesel Pool Rewards

These are in progress. We know it's just an altruistic system for right now. We're adding the ability to incentivize staking in the liquidity pool. I'm hoping that contract is done this week and ready to implement next week.

For the Full video please check this:

Overall we have a ton of things happening

Hive-Engine is killing it right now. We're adding more contracts, more tools, and have a gameplan for Tribes to take them all up to the next level. We're looking forward to growing our utility and we're happy to have you participate with us.

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